How much do funeral sales couselors earn?

I am interested in the Funeral & Cemetery business.. I have seen job postings for SCI and Carriage. Do you know how much these counselors/sales positions average for income$$, and also how much a sales manager would earn?? I really have no clue of a range.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I don't know much about Carriage, but I worked for SCI for years. Be careful, they have a reputaion for over working their sales people and seem to have a way of changing their bonuses just when you come close to earning them. I'm sure not all locations are bad, in fact I know they're not...just be careful. Most SCI locations have a revolving door when it comes to their sales people, and they're notorious for hiring "warm bodies"

    P.S. I did not work in sales, I worked on the funeral side in a combo location, but I can tell you in 5 years I saw at least 30 new sales people come and go...Good Luck!!

  • 5 years ago

    How hard do you want to work? You dont get successful by being lazy or not working hard. Take care of the family and they will take care of you!!! First year i made 50k and now 3 years in i make 6 figures. Lowest in our office is 55 and average is in the 70's! Great business as 100% people need it and should be preplanning or will pay out of there heart at time of tragedy or death.

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