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How far can you fly with 30 000 accumulated free mileage ?

can you actually fly 30 000 miles. or a percentage of that. how do they calculate is. please give me the formula.

And how far is 30 000 miles. I live in Taiwan. Could I go to Bali or maybe Thailand for free ?

I'm with united.com . do all groups work the same way. ?

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    goto UAL.com, they should have the charts. 30,000 miles in the US is just a domestic ticket. You might be able to use it fora class upgrade.

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    It's not 1 for 1.

    Right now, a standard ticket round trip from Taiwan to the US is 120,000 miles, business class is 200,000 miles.

    Within the Asian area, 40,000 miles will buy a round trip coach class.

    Most airlines are similar.

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