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What secular factors non religous factos converged in 1692 that produced the convictions of innocent ppl?

Were any of the Puritans doctrines causative or suportaive factors? If so who? (These questions deal with the salem witch trials?

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    The secular factors behind the Salem witchcraft crisis had to do with a political division in the small Salem Village outside of Salem Town. Accuser families and families of the accused were generally at odds, especially over the selection of their minister, Samuel Parris. Another was the fact than Ann Proctor lost several children to disease, causing her to become mentally unbalanced and look for supernatural reasons. There was also isolation, and the common emotions and frustrations of puberty in the young girls of the village. As far a Puritan doctrine is concerned, it was based on the Bible which contains several clauses condemning witches and witchcraft. With that authority verifying the reality of witches, it was all too easy to connect the girls’ hysterics and prevailing superstition with the Biblical statements. Unfortunately those statements were part of the colony laws at the time, making witchcraft a capital offence.

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