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What are ya doin on Sat? Flix? Music festival @ Stoke? Chill with mates @ local mall? Watch or play any sport?


I'm gonna get all-day ticket 4 @ Trentham Gardens, Stoke-on-Trent @ £23

Ace bands inc Jars of Clay, YFriday, RPM, Bandwithnoname (& many more @ fringe stage)

Return fare from Liverpool Lime St is £15.60

I get the 9.15 to get to Stoke @ 10.30

Home on the 9.23 to get to L'pool @ 10.57 & make connection home (as next one too late)

WOW: just plugged it now!

See ya there??

How @ USA/Canada/Oz/NZ folk????


Saturday is an all day event with a smaller Fringe Stage during the day with artists like Philippa Hannah, Matt Giles, Kev Whitmore, Phil Nankivell and others performing

Then on the main stage in the evening we have the Innervation trusts tbc, The Band with no Name, RPM, Yfriday and headlining will be JARS OF CLAY.

We are really excited about this event and encourage you to book early for this not to be missed event of the year !!!

See Trentham Gardens, Stoke-on-Trent @

Update 2:

Hi dude!

Dark Knightjust got a good review @ - as did WALL-E

I'm gonna see it @ 6pm @

Must go see a few folk on the way now

Later, 'Gaters!

Update 3:

Hi Amanda!

Must go see Wii Games Arcades soon!

Update 4:

Yo Lf!

Took my girl to Rhyl Seaworld - ace!

I'm sure Blackpool has one too


Anyone goin' to Alton Towers or Camelot?

Update 5:

Hi Juliet!

At 15, I can understand how ya feel, hun'

If I were a gambler tho, I'd bet there'll be lots of mid-teen family there: enjoy 'em !!

Update 6:


Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark has just begun @ ZoneHorror

WALL-E can wait!

OH: with Sat being cool, it's ideal time to see

Animals always more frisky in da cool!

Ciao 4 now!

Update 7:


Aug Olympic Challenge sounds ACE!

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    im going to my brother in laws grandmas 100th birthday party. whoo.

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    movies, probably Dark Knight

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    We are going to seaworld for the day.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    play video games on my wii

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