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Pitching rotations.....?

I have seemed to notice lately that close to all teams set there pitching rotation to where the pitchers at the end of the rotation have the worst stats, why don't the baseball teams mix up the rotation so that they don't lose games at the end of the rotation which would cause the top of the rotation pitchers to have a bad attitude because they have been on a losing streak (hypotheticly). What are you'r thoughts on this?

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    Rotations lose value after only a few weeks to months as there are rain-outs and injuries. So the stats are not a function of the rotation. Those guys are just not as good as the top of the rotation pitchers. And by getting your better pitchers at the top of the rotation they theoretically get more chances to pitch...as long as they can stay healthy. But overall I say the rotation is worthless as far as wins/losses are concerned

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    It's all about P R I D E!

    If you are the highest paid pitcher on your rotation (other then Barry Zito) then you obviously have earned the right to get more starts and head the rotation.

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    No becausw then if your the only team that does that then Say your facing johan Santana and your pitcher is Mike pelfry Lol. But occasionally you get a surprize pitcher like Cliff Lee and Edison volquez who will be good for years to come.

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    just because u are at the bottom of the rotation and don't such a popular name u still have good starts and guys like johan santana have bad 1s plus w rainouts and injures rotations are overrated

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    Because no one wants to come out on Opening Day and see two No 5 starters face each other.

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