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How do you copy and paste a link to your browser?

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What is the web browser (did I say that right)
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Alright the browser (up top) where you're reading right now is where it will say, http://answers.yahoo.com, etc....
In that line is the 'address of the site'.
Say you wanted to copy this one, just bring your mouse up to that address line, left click, - when it turns blue right-click. The option to copy should show up. Click that. Now the address, or URL, is on your 'clipboard, or stored temp. on your mouse until you paste it.
Then open up a new tab, or window, or even the answer you're trying to paste (put it into) and left click at the right spot.
Now right-click again, and you'll be given the option to 'paste'.

It's that easy. Try it in here a couple of times, and then try opening a new browser tab, or window, and pasting it into a new window. Then click Enter, and it will take you to the site.
It's not, hard, really - Just play with it.
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  • poolthatsall answered 7 years ago
    ok the browser its where you type in to find websight

    copy and paste

    left click drag till it turnes blue while its blue right click the blue area then hit copy then go to browser right click blank area then hit paste
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  • sid_dude20007 answered 7 years ago
    right click on the link go to properties copy the address and paste to address bar!
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  • Troy answered 1 year ago
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  • pradeep answered 1 year ago
    ALT+D then CTRL+C
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  • How do you copy and paste a link to your browser?
    What is the web browser (did I say that right)
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