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Why don’t US media report that Simon Sheppard and Steve Whittle from Britain ask for asylum in the US?

Simon Sheppard and Steve Whittle have jumped bail in Britain and flown to the US and asked for political asylum there.

Sheppard and Whittle are being held by the INS (the American Immigration and Naturalization Service) at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) after claiming political asylum on arrival.

We understand that Sheppard and Whittle have decided to seek asylum in the US since it is known that the content of their Website does not contravene US law (First Amendment).


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I have searched Google news for reports of this incident in the US written media but can find nothing. Where did you see or hear anything on the subject? Or were you merely speculating?

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Interesting YouTube video “Fugitives from British Injustice !” at http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=LqAkhXOeiSw

Update 2:

It has come to my notice that until their asylum case is to be heard the two men are being held in custody at the Santa Ana Jail.

Please visit or write them at:

Sheppard, Simon 0800006404

c/o Santa Ana Jail

P.O. Box 22003

Santa Ana, CA 92701

Whittle, Steve 0800006408

c/o Santa Ana Jail

P.O. Box 22003

Santa Ana, CA 92701

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    Good question.

    The first thing is that this issue clearly illustrates how the US media is controlled and how they blackout certain stores. Do a news Google search for “Simon Sheppard Stephen Whittle” and you only get the news reports for a few local British newspapers. How many newspaper outlets are there in the US? But if the main news agencies don’t clear a story no one publishes it.

    For an update on the story there is a YouTube video called “Fugitives from British Injustice !” That is easy enough to find.

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    It has been reported in passing, however it is hardly earth shattering news that needs to be kept in the forefront.

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    No.179 - 22nd July 2008

    "The reason men are silenced is not because they speak falsely, but because they speak the

    truth. This is because if men speak falsehoods, their own words can be used against them;

    while if they speak truly, there is nothing which can be used against them - except force."

    John Bryant

    A First Amendment by Court Observer

    As the Sheppard/Whittle trial closed the pair failed to attend the last day of trial.

    The abuse of criminal law to stem debate and the certainty of prison left them with no option but to seek political asylum in the United States.

    The law is already skewed towards prosecution(persecution) in such cases, but pre-trial rulings against the defence made the case plunge towards medieval or third world notions of justice. Naturally in such circumstances the persecution gaining a string of convictions.

    As the trial ended, vexatious emanations between the Attorney General or cronies thereof and persecution still sought retrials where verdicts weren't reached, not that the persecution needed any encouragement in this regard.

    A spectacle un-wholesome, unnecessary and un-British tinged with political hatred.

    American citizens assume British subjects live under the same legal protections as themselves and when hearing of draconian public order acts and Crown Courts extending their tentacles and remit into their territory, they find themselves in the three States Americans least like to be. The States of Shock, Horror and Disbelief!

    The American first amendment reads

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Quality English, not legalese and you don't have to be a brief to know that Sheppard's Public Order trial drives a coach and horses right through it!

    Let's hope Americans think so too!

    Piercing the Press Blackout on the Heretical Two

    After establishing the media black-out on the Sheppard and Whittle story by contacting the Immigration authorities in Los Angeles who told her their phone lines were red hot with call after call from the UK media about the Heretical Two, the BPP Women's Division organiser has written to every major daily newspaper to ask why they are following the story but NOT reporting it.

    Below is a copy of the email sent:


    I have been following with great interest the recent story concerning Mr. Simon Sheppard and Mr. Steve Whittle who were the first people in the World to be tried and subsequently charged with Inciting Racial Hatred for anti-Semitic articles they published on a website hosted in the USA. When found guilty they fled to Ireland and then flew to Los Angeles to claim political asylum after they had received confirmation from the US Government that the articles were not illegal there. They fled persecution and to my knowledge they are the first White indigenous people from the UK to have ever done this. The Court case was a total sham but most crucially, as I said, was the first of its kind in the World (previously sites hosted in the US were deemed out of the jurisdiction of the UK laws) and now they are also the first from the UK as White indigenous people to claim they are fleeing Political persecution in the UK (rightly so). I spoke with the Department of Homeland Security in America who state quite clearly that the British media have 'gone crazy' about this story with them receiving hundreds of telephone calls a day yet the only publications to have even mentioned this story are local Yorkshire ones, this indicates to me that the bigger publications KNOW of the story and are actively following it but are not publishing it, this does not make any sense to me at all? I would surmise that the people of the UK need to know about the dictatorial regime we live under where the most fundamental of human rights is not afforded to us - the right to freedom of speech. I would be most grateful if you could look into this and get back to me.

    Kind regards.

    Miss K Dermody

    Simon and Steve are currently being held in Santa Ana Jail, California and their addresses are produced below. Please give these comrades your support by sending them messages of goodwill which they will appreciate.

    Whittle, Stephen


    c/o Santa Ana Jail

    P.O. Box 22003

    Santa Ana, CA 92701


    Sheppard, Simon


    c/o Santa Ana Jail

    P.O. Box 22003

    Santa Ana, CA 92701


    BPP Announce New Initiative!

    With recent events of the Heretical Two languishing in a Los Angeles prison and also my recent visit to Mark 'Atki' Atkinson, I have decided to launch a new initiative which will concentrate on offering more palpable support to Nationalist prisoners. This will firstly take the form of a 'buddy' scheme whereupon volunteers (buddies) will be linked with a prisoner for purposes of letter writing and if possible for visits too. The second phase is offering similar help to prisoner's families if required and thirdly, I hope to ultimately be able to offer financial assistance in the way of a small monthly payment to each prisoner who requests our support. The success of this initiative depends entirely upon the kindness and dedication of volunteers willing to write a letter once a week and perhaps (although not essential) visit every so often.

    We currently have a total of six UK prisoners who are predominantly North-based (except Simon and Steve who are in the US), their addresses are below and I would please ask that as many people as possible take ten minutes to write to these prisoners. If anybody needs an alternative address I am happy to route letters via myself so that only I will know your address although it is also worth mentioning that anonymous letters are perfectly viable and welcomed by the prisoners, however they do like to write back to say thanks! If anyone would like additional information please contact us on 07971144836 or disillusioned88@yahoo.co.uk

    Visiting a POW

    I had been in touch with Mark Atkinson for a few months and thought it was about time I put a face to the name so off I tootled! For those who don't know (shame on you!) Mark was imprisoned as a political prisoner almost three and a half years ago for possession and distribution of an RVF magazine called 'Stormer'. During his stay in prison he has endured numerous Zionist-led attempts to vanquish him and the RVF but he has NEVER conceded to their farcical and at times spineless efforts to silence him. He has remained a steadfast and tenacious Nationalist in the face of every conceivable act of duplicity and he not only deserves our loyalty but also our respect.

    I am currently in the process of completing the interview he did for the BPP Women's Division blog which I hope to publish in the next issue of Vanguard so please keep an eye out for that but in the meantime I'd like to urge all visitors to this blog to please, please show their support to Mark before he is released later this year. He is a credit to Race and Nation and is more than worthy of the ten minutes it takes to put a letter of support together. The address to write is below.

    Kate Dermody BPP Women's Division Leader

    Mark Atkinson


    HMP Moorland

    Bawtry Road

    Hatfield Woodhouse


    DN7 6BW


    Other BPP Prisoners that need your support are:

    Paul McDermott


    HMP MAnchester

    Southall Street



    M60 9AH

    Nathan Worrell


    HMP Blakenhurst

    Hewell Lane


    B97 6QS

    Shaun Thomas


    HMP Lindholme

    Bawtry Road


    DN7 6EE

    Why we support the Unison strike by Russell Smith

    Across the nation, local public service workers are on strike. The strike has closed around 70% of schools in England and Wales (outside London) and affected a range of services. In Leeds, thousands of members of the union attended a rally to protest at the government?s refusal to give public sector workers a pay rise in line with inflation. Similar protests have taken place around the country

    Unison is one of the largest unions in Great Britain, with members from across the public sector. These include school teaching assistants, cleaners, bin men, librarians, leisure centre workers, social service staff, housing officers, catering and administrative staff and other council, local authority and associated workers.

    The strike is in protest at the pitiful 2.45% pay offer that the anti-democratic regime in London has offered. This is an insult to some of the hardest working and lowest paid people in the country. This obscene pay offer is entirely indefensible when one considers that local authorities and schools are sitting on billions of pounds of unallocated reserves of cash (gained from efficiency savings by ordinary workers), that could be used to fund decent liveable pay increases without the need for increasing council tax as the liars in Westminster claim.

    Unison and sister union Unite are asking for a 6% pay rise, which amounts to around 50 pence per hour. This is entirely reasonable. Local Government is sitting on vast reserves of money saved by industrious staff - the same staff who are living on the breadline due to the dictates of a National Government which wastes billions on scroungers, drug addicts and foreign wars.

    The present official rate of inflation stands at roughly 4% and interest rates have reached 5.25%. Any pay rise that does not match these rates is in fact a pay cut.

    Public Sector workers who are on strike are only asking for their wages to be kept in line with the rising cost of living. They are not making unreasonable demands as the spin-doctors in Whitehall claim. It is the politicians who regularly give themselves pay

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