The Other Boleyn Girl.. Anne.. Mother of Queen Elisabeth The First?

So is The Other Boleyn Girl a true story? And is Anne the mother of Queen Elisabeth The First? BTW what is that hat that Anne was wearing before she got executed?

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    It is not at all true to say that "everything else in the movie is fictionalized"!!!

    For a start, it is true that Anne Boleyn married Henry VIII!

    It is true that before that, Mary Boleyn had been Henry's mistress.

    It may be true that Mary had a bastard son with Henry, but this is a matter of speculation.

    It is true that in order to marry Anne, Henry VIII divorced Catherine of Aragon. Also true that, in order to do this, Henry VIII broke with the Roman Catholic Church, and was excommunicated.

    It is true that Anne initially resisted Henry's advances. It is true that she insisted on marriage, refusing to become merely Henry's mistress.

    It is true that Anne's relationship with the king was promoted by her father Thomas, who wished to promote the family's political interests.

    It is true that Anne had initially been engaged with Lord Percy.

    It is true that Anne was widely admired for her intelligence, wit and sophistication. It is true that she would talk back to the king in front of other people.

    It is true that Henry grew to despise Anne because Anne failed to produce a son. It is true that Anne had a miscarriage.

    It is true that Jane Seymour became Henry's new mistress, and later his wife.

    It is true that Anne was the innocent victim of a conspiracy by enemies at court. As in the film, she was falsely accused of treason and incest with her brother George. It is true that George's wife testified against him.

    It is true that Anne was beheaded, and that this was done with a sword rather than an axe. Anne's last words, as spoken in the film, are also true.

    And yes, it is true that she was the mother of Elizabeth I, who became one of England's greatest rulers!

    In other words, the broad outlines of the story ARE true. However, many of the details were invented or simplified for dramatic effect.

    For example, there is no evidence that Anne and George even considered incest (remember how they are seen in bed together in the film). The conspiracy against Anne also involved several other victims, who are not mentioned in the film. Henry VIII by this time was no longer young and dashing. It is unlikely that Mary met with Henry before Anne's execution. Etc.

    The film was based on a popular novel by Philippa Gregory. A lot less is known about Mary than Anne, so with Mary there was a lot more room for the imagination.

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    Anne was the mother of Queen Elizabeth I. I believe though that most of The Other Boleyn Girl is made up. Very little is actually known about Mary's relationship with Henry VIII, certainly not enough to make a full-length novel without inventing a good deal.

    For instance, I understand The Other Boleyn Girl claims that Mary's children were fathered by Henry, but there seems to be no evidence to support this claim. As far as we know, Mary's children were fathered by her husband William Carey, and her affair with Henry was most probably over before they were born. Henry never acknowledged the children as his, as it seems likely he would have done if they had been.

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    It was really historically inaccurate. It got the facts all wrong. I'd look up the true story, if I were you, it's even more fascinating. Anne was actually younger than Mary Boleyn. She was the mother of Queen Elizabeth the 1st, though.

    I don't know about the hat, though.

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    Yes, Anne Boleyn was the mother of Queen Elizabeth I of England.

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    It is true that Anne Boleyn was Queen Elizabeth's mother, and that she had a sister named Mary. Also true, that

    Henry VIII had an affair with a married Mary.

    Everything else in the movie is fictionalized.

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    Everything you see in the movies is TRUE!!!

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