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college confusion. albany college of pharmacy?

okay so i am nervous because i feel like i threw my future away because i didnt work as hard this past year (i was a junior) as i normally do. i had an 89 final avg. and i normally have around a 91. i know its only a few points.... but i cant help but feel that now i cant get into my first choice school- albany college of pharmacy. they have an avg gpa of 91/ 92 and i feel like i am not going to cut it! i am retaking the chem and math b regents, i got a 77 on chem, 82 on math b

i know that the first two years i can go anywhere and take, but acp has a direct entry program so if you get in your freshman year and keep grades up/ meet standards etc, you are guaranteed admission into the pharm d program so it would be nice to directly go there.

my sat's are a little low, but i am retaking them and i am going to take the act's too.

if i do really well in 12th grade will it matter, i mean they are only going to see the first quarter if you want to get your app in early rightt?info?!

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    I'm a second-year student at ACP, and I have no doubt that you will make it into ACP with your current grades. It's not that selective of a college, however, it IS very difficult to stay in the program and maintain a competitive GPA once you are enrolled. It's really up to you whether or not you want to re-take what exams you may have done poorly on. They won't make that much of a difference in your admissions criteria, although it is undoubtedly necessary to have a thorough understanding of math and Chemistry if you plan on being a pharmacist. At ACP you will take atleast 8 semesters of Chemistry, as well as Stats and Calculus, so it can only help to master the fundamentals.

    As long as you get between an 85 and 90 senior year, don't worry about it, really.

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    im sure you will probably get in. im a third year at acp and there are people here that had 80 something averages in high school and still got in. i would be more concerned about what its like once you are actually here. a lot of people fail out because it is an EXTREMELY hard program. so far ive done fine and have about a 3.3 gpa which is much much much better than most people do. ive also heard that for the people entering school the year after this next fall that they will be required to maintain a 3.0 gpa and take the pcats to get into third year. i seriously would recommend looking at another school that isn't going to make you keep up with those standards. trust me, this was my #1 school too. i only applied to acp and did early decision and now i absolutely HATE it here. seriously do not go here lol

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    Take some summer school classes to make up for the grades

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    ACP sucks period. I prefer Northeastern

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