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作曲: Hwillilli 填詞:何啟弘 

編曲:陳偉 / Mickey Chen 監製:舒文





我像關在 被咀咒的古堡

我像闖進 馬車經過的巷道

我像聽見 修道院的禱告

逆流 時間的路找不到 找不到

*愛聽說能穿越幾世紀 痛苦過幸福過會重映

 我們附身彼此記憶 才這樣糾纏到無止盡

 傳說愛能飛幾千里 降落到今生的擁抱裡

 如果擺脫不了宿命 就任它寫錯劇情

等待著被救贖的哭泣 連上帝都只能默許

我們相遇驚動了天地 橫掃亂世的愛情

我像看到 木偶有淚在掉

我像聽見 街頭藝人的訕笑

我像俘虜 衛兵擋在地窖

逆流 時間的路找不到 找不到

Repeat *



讓秒針暫停 從輪迴中睡醒 愛個徹底

Repeat *

愛是一齣 唱不完的歌劇


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  • 1 decade ago
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    The love revives Rong Tsuer

    Composing music: H w i l l i l l i write: He Ch'ihung arranges

    the tune: Chen great/Mickey Chen supervised manufacture: Shu Wen

    Magnificent Pakistan Locker waltz Kafka recite the verse space

    and time mutually staggered scene Middle Ages century love

    I in I am liked like the pass by the incantation old castle

    rush in the horse-drawn vehicle process tunnel I to like hear the

    monastery the prayer adverse current time road find

    * Likes hearing can pass through for several centuries

    painfully excessively to be happy has been able to show again us to

    take possession each other memory to pester only then like this to not

    stops the completely fable to like being able to fly several great

    distances to descend to in this life hug if could not get rid of the

    fate to take office it to write the wrong plot

    The waiting on the sob imperial capital which redeems only can

    continually tacitly consent to we met one another alarm the world to

    sweep away the tumultuous times the love

    I like saw the puppet has the tear to fall me to like hears the

    street corner entertainer to ridicule me to keep off like the captive

    guard in the cave adverse current time road finds

    Repeat *

    We all leave are a military deserter to wait for again the love

    revives once again lets the second hand suspend from the samsara

    awakes loves thorough

    Repeat *

    The love is cannot sing an ope

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  • 1 decade ago

    thx a lot~~

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