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I'm les and we both fallin love together but her temper is so bad,

how to I make her feel I am more mature.

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    You cannot turn yourself into a mature person overnight, right?

    She knows damn well what kind of person you are.

    Therefore, you just have to be what you are and who you are.

    Do you know your good side and your bad side?

    She could see your good side and your bad side too.

    If you do not, be honest to yourself, face your bad side, and improve them, one by one and step by step.

    Improvement in your character takes time, you know.

    I see that she has a hot temper. Well, keep your temper stable.

    Do not lose yours if she is losing hers. Leave her alone if she is in a bad mood.

    I mean, you could still be around, somewhere near her, but let her calm down.

    Mature ladies prefer more understanding, pampering and thoughtfulness.

    By the way, I am a mature lady, and I used to have a younger other half (even though we broke up a long long time ago).

    The above is my own experience. I hope the above helps. Good luck!

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    易地而處, 從對方的角度出發。



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