fun things in and near west palm florida?

i'm visiting my mom in florida and want to take her somewhere fun, preferably for around $300 or less. She enjoys fishing and the ocean, but she is sick and can't be in the sun very much because of her medicine. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    That's such a kind thing to do, and I'm sure she will appreciate it!

    Since she is partial to the ocean why not take her on a fun casino cruise? The Palm Beach Princess has an evening cruise daily (runs from 6:30-11:30) that will give her exposure to the ocean that she loves without having to deal with the sun's harmful rays. The best part is that it only costs $25. They have a pretty elaborate dining menu (I was actually really impressed) and should be a fun evening for the both of you.

    During the day you should visit Morikami Museum's and Japanese Gardens. You can spend most of your day inside watching their movie and touring the exhibits. Since time outside should be limited, a stroll through their lush, but not overwhelming gardens will serve as a calming interlude. Lucky for you their restaurant, The Cornell Cafe was judged by The Food Network as one of the top three museum dining experiences in the country. And depending on how your mom is feeling you can choose to sit in either an air-conditioned or open-air facility. At $10 per adult (9 for seniors and 6 for students) this sounds like the absolute perfect date for a tranquil and uplifting afternoon with your mother.

    Have fun!

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