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Dub vs. Sub?

this question has been asked a billion times .

which do you watch ?

why ?

i prefer Subs because then i know im getting the closest to the actual diolog that i can . i think i missed out just a bit on watching the whole Inuyasha series dubbed .

Thanks for the opinions ! :D

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Subs, of course!

    I almost always like the Japanese voices more and I can understand less/more than half of what they say..which is an ego boost! lol

    And it gives it a more anime-ish feeling?

    That and if the arts bad, I'll concentrate more on the subs and storyline...;p

  • Susan
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    1. Which is better: b. subbed 2. When watching the series, does it depend on: c. the original Japanese language is better!!! d. except for Fruits Basket - it had a good dub and sub! 3. Why do you think dubbed is great/sucked? because the voices are normally screwed up when the dub it. 4. Why do think subbed is great/sucked? when you hear the japanese you get to hear how the director really wanted it to be like 5. What's the difference other than the obvious languages when you hear the series in both? normally the english version is different in the sense a) the voices are different than they should be b) usually in dubs they change a part of the series (such as in Captor Card Sakura they changed a few scenes) 6. Which did you hear first? a. dubbed - if pokemon/digemon/yu-gi-oh!/captor card sakura count 7. If you moved from dubbed to subbed, why? I didn't and never will - when I started watching anime (when i became an anime finatic) I started subbed, but when i was like 5 i watched what i listed about in english cause that's all they had on TV and because i couldn't read the subtitles fast enought :) 8. Do you see a war between the two? nope - not at all! 9. If you were in a war, which side would you pick? b. subbed - by far 10. Why are there major disputes between the two sides when it is so pointless? okay this war thing is kinda weird... Star if you watch any of the mainstream anime - what does this mean? what's mainstream anime?

  • 1 decade ago

    It's very rare that I'll find a sub I can stand. Cowboy Bebop wasn't bad and Miyazaki's films were well done. But generally, I'm a subs girl. Some things just don't translate well, and it always feels more "right" to me to watch subs. The dialogue matches up, and the voices are as they were intended.

    But it's all a matter of personal preference I suppose. :)

  • 1 decade ago

    I prefer subs too, mostly cause the voice actors PAIRINGS to the characters are not good match ups most of the times. But the dub match ups are way better. I caps pairings cause i asked a similiar question a long time ago and people got mad at me for saying that the american voice actors were not good. when in fact i said nothing of the sort, i have no doubt that they are good actors, what i said was the matchups or pairings to the characters were bad

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  • Kyomu
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    1 decade ago


    i watch the subs because it's the original and this way i can learn Japanese

    i can't stand dubs, the English voices don't match with the characters and they sound retarded

  • 1 decade ago

    I like subs too. I get to improve my reading skills, it lets me fill in with of my own imagination some of what's going on, and I even pick up a tad bit of Japanese along the way. Plus I'm not forced to try to swallow the silly dubbing of Japanese mannerisms and expressions when it gets translated pretty much one to one with the actual Japanese dialog with subtitles.

    I also tend to hate English dub voice actors. Some exceptions, though.

  • 1 decade ago

    I perfer Subbed. Dubbed leaves too much out and sensors everything. Also, watching subbed helps me learn Japanese, and improves my reading skills.

  • 1 decade ago

    I prefer subs!! because it helps me learn Japanese.Dubbed leaves too much out and sensors everything. and also sub is close to the original script which is good =D. i want the show i'm watching to be the oringal not fake (or sensored lol)


  • 1 decade ago

    Subbed all the way! =]

    Like you said its close to the original script; most people who broadcast anime in america dubb it to take out anything that may be offensive which isnt right. because they could leave out a good chunk of stuff many people who care to hear.

    Dubbed just lowers the tense and emotion of the anime. i dont wacth dubbed (my opinion)

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  • 1 decade ago

    I love watching anime and foreign movies in sub. It is much more interesting and I can learn a new lang.

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