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What does marijuana make you feel like? what does it feel like to be high?

When you smoke marijuana do you feel relaxed or do you go all crazy. does it make things seem more funny? or do you get light headed and all happy. plz tell me coz in movies when they smoke they act all dumb. but what do you actually feel

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    Weed is pretty exaggerated in most movies, it actually pisses me off.

    It affects everyone differently. When you smoke marijuana it sort of "amplifies" your senses and changes your perception. The first time you get high (and people don't always get high the first time they do it) you will probably cough and it will seem harsh. Weed usually doesn't hit you immediately after you smoke it and it might take you a couple rounds to get used to it. As time passes if you're going to get high you will notice it. Things will seem...different. If you're outside you will notice things look different like the trees, ground, etc. Almost like you can see another side or angle of the world. If you're inside you might notice or become fascinated by everyday things, posters, patterns, etc.

    -Music sounds INCREDIBLE while high.

    -It gets harder to hold back laughter, most people will laugh at things they either normally wouldn't laugh at, or will laugh louder or longer.

    -Time will appear to slow down or speed up or both. While high if you do something then look at a clock you will be shocked at how much time has passes usually.

    -Food tastes incredible, you usually get hungry at a certain part of the high.

    -The entire process of thinking changes while high. You might feel you are thinking incredibly fast, or very slow. You will probably "hear" yourself thinking much louder or intensely than normal.

    Make sure you smoke with friends and do something fun the first time, you'll never forget it!

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      For anyone in the future that's gonna revive this

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    We'll if you want to get the most insane feeling of your life some it out of a bong. It's a lot smoother so you won't cough as much and the feeling is crazy compared to a joint or pipe. When you do it make sure you are with some friends, got some good munchies, got some netflix, and a comfortable spot and it's literally the best thing in the world. I earn you when you do it you will feel really weird like out of this world. You feel tall and when I was watching a movie you basically laugh at everything. Me and my friend always get the same feeling. When we are watching a movie we both thought for sure we have saw that movie before and we thought we new what was going to happen next but the next day I watched it again and it was totally different. When your high it feels so much more fun. If your not panicking ( trust me don't i did the first time and freaked out) it's the best thing in the world.

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      same answer in diff questions ? Copy and paste?

  • Holy **** this is acurate as ****!!! When I got high for the first time my friends took me to a forest. I smoked 3 times throughout the day. The first time I smoked I had no idea what to do so I just kept on inhaling the smoke and nothing happened. My body was not getting the scent of kush. The second time however I did because they showed me what I was doing wrong. When I came out of the woods everything was bright and I was loosing my balance. I had to drive home. About 5 minutes in a car I started to notice quite different things. My body was starting to get very tired and I was not making the best movements while driving. My friends said they wanted McDonalds so I stopped. When I was ordering my food I was so dizzy and laughing my *** off. I did not even notice the guy gave me a receipt. Could barely balance and when I started eating my food I just kept on laughing and just loved the taste of my smoothie. When we drove back to one of my friends houses I was so relaxed and tired we all took naps in the basement. The 3rd time I did not inhale enough so I just got a little lifted.

    So what can I say from this experience it was good and fun. Do not make this a very bad habbit you might get caught but once every week or 2 yah count me in it was an experience all right.

    My friends told me they were seeing **** like in the movies I think they were BULL SHITTING unless I did not hit the blunt enough then I can not wait to see what that **** is. And do not worry about getting addicted I was fine.

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    This may or may not make sense;

    When I do it, my first few hits (about 5) I feel a little light headed and everything around me stands out. My next few feel about the same

    Usually me and one other person can do up to 3 seshs with a g. On my last sesh, when I stand up, I actually feel HIGH (literally) - when I say high, I mean I feel sort of like I'm a walking head, I feel like the lower half or my body doesn't exist or something. About an hour into being high, I feel like gravity is pulling down on me and I feel really heavy like being pulled towards the ground. Personally I get really bubbly and happy for the last hour. Everybody is different but most people I know get Smiley and bubbly like I said! Weed is fun but be careful.

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      It makes perfect sense. That's exactly how I felt and how I explained it. Like I was walking but only with a head

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    I've smoke weed three times already and the first two times did not work for me at all. I didn't feel the high but my friends were all zoning out and high AF. But just last friday, my friends and I had a sleepover party and she brought some weed with her and she did this really cool trick where she passed the weed smoke into my mouth and it HIT me like immediately. I started coughing like mad and my throat felt like it was burning and dry and my heart beat starts to speed up and I was a little worried. But then afterwards I felt so sick and started throwing up... Afterwards though i felt so high and i feel like I'm dreaming but im actually not dreaming. Everything exemplifies. I started staring at this poster and all of a sudden it was just like the most interesting thing ever and the music becomes amazing, the food becomes amazing, everything became so funny, its great honestly but just don't do it too often! (Listen to zen music)

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    It depends on if it is natural or enhanced. If you believe God created the world, He created a natural plant with many benefits, but man has taken His creation and modified it. The natural plant has some mind expansion. .you will tend to examine things closer, although over indulgence can lead to brain inactivity. There is use and abuse. If you learn to use it, it is a benefit, if you allow abuse, it will destroy you. I use it because I am ADHD, when I smoke, I can focus much better on a task, without, I'm scatter brained---mind is off and running in many different directions---maybe it's my job, I'm responsible for much, but "pot" has done me great benefits--work I don't want to do---I get a "buzz", and all I want to do is Kick it's ***---get in there do the job right--gun ho---many I know, testify of the same. I also become more talkative and detailed....I can put it down where the rubber meets the road---I get very descriptive, and motivation to be a perfectionist in my work.

    I feel quite relaxed and confident, maybe it's because I can focus on one thing, instead of multiple things, when I'm so called "High"...Many have testified that they really can get "into things", some of the best craftsman I know, use it wisely, and perform great tasks----I can associate---my craftsmanship without "sucks", my craftsmanship with, has been recorded as works of perfection. I am a believer in God, I believe He put it here for a reason---obvious to me, it has been beneficial. I believe in Gen. 1:31 "all things He created were VERY GOOD and man has no right to call it bad, but to each, his own. Moderation is the key.

    BUT--there are different strands--some make you hungry, some make you tired, some energize, some help you focus, some you cant get a focus---too strong or too much consumed......the best reality is control, find the strand that most benefits you, without dependence..

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    What does marijuana make you feel like? what does it feel like to be high?

    When you smoke marijuana do you feel relaxed or do you go all crazy. does it make things seem more funny? or do you get light headed and all happy. plz tell me coz in movies when they smoke they act all dumb. but what do you actually feel

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    Haha it makes you hungry because it slows down the part if your brain that tells you when your body is full. Eating after smoking makes the high go away faster. And it makes me paranoid. But everyone is different so if you try it (which life is better without it in my opinion) do it with people you can trust and stick to one supplier. Anyone can lace your pot with any other drug. It does the time thing someone posted. And I've noticed since I have stopped smoking that people look and act stupid af after they get high. Wouldn't was the cash on it.

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    It varies based on potency, mindset and setting. But to answer you directly, it makes me feel like I can eat without having to crap my guts out 15 minutes later. A friend with MS says it makes her feel like the constant crawling insects under her skin have settled down.

    Your question is like saying, "What do people do when they drink alcohol". Everything they do when they don't drink alcohol. But for many of us it's not recreational. If it sometimes sounds like we think it can cure anything, well, it almost can. Read up on the neurotransmitters, etc., involved and well conducted unbiased studies continually demonstrate that it basically acts to reset various balances in the brain. Point being, it might be popular recreationally, but it's a wonder drug that should be explored more. It would also help a LOT of suffering people if it was taken more seriously instead of people who really need it having to put up with the silly comments and inuendos that inevitably follow.

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      Did you read the question before responding. The person wanted to know what it feels like and NOT what do people do when the smoke it.

      If you are unable to describe what it feels like - maybe because you smoke it every day and all day long - just say you don't know how to describe it.

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    Like everyone says it effects people differently it affects me in a way were i feel happy I want to play sports and I'm basically really out going don't listen to the movies it's really stupid they basically make the affects of marijuana look like the affects of shrooms, LSD, acid and all those other crazy drugs affect people WHICH I WOULDN'T RECOMMEND CAUSE THEY WILL F*** YOU UP but yea the affects of it don't really depend on the person it depends on the strain different strains have different side affect if you want to learn about the hundreds of strains and there side affects I would highly Recommend the app on the App Store leafly they are a popular app based on marijuana. Well I hoped this helped (;

    • LSD and acid are the same thing btw. Also, they only **** you up if you have a bad set and setting. Otherwise, it is an amazing eye opener.

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    I actually hate how people say they cant explain the feeling of being high.Let me tell yall my experience. My first 2 times,i didnt get high becouse i was doin it wrong. But today was actually my first high experience,nd it was amazing. I felt like a shock wave flew from my toes to my head. Everything was like a video game. All of my senses were extremely high. It feels like i had taped into a part of my brain that is unknown. All of my long term memory was gone. I could only remember the words that i was speaking at the moment. It was like being controlled by some spirit. I saw everything in flashes. My body was trying to go on conscious but my sis wouldn't let me sleep. I could hear what she was saying but her voice would fade and echo into nuthing until she would shake me and wake me back to sanity. I had the weirdest scene of me dancing and having sex with the devil i felt it all.I was literally in a dream sleep walkin. I felt like i could see through walls..but thats basically it

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