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Does God Hate Gay People??

well.. I'm gay, but nobody i know knows, and my mom is Christian well... my whole family is Christian... and i was just wondering.. does god hate me?? can i enter the kingdom of god being gay?? i mean if he hates gay people, why did he choose for me to be gay? oh yeah and my mom, + family... hate gay people so it's like are they gonna hate me if i tell them I'm gay??

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  • Tim 47
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    Your question is based upon a false dichotomy.

    That being, 'why does god hate me, if he made me gay'?

    Let us use your reasoning, and logic, to expand on the concept of 'god made me gay'....

    If god made you gay, then,

    god made every conduct.

    Thusly, god made people, rapists,....

    god made people, murderers,

    god made people, liars....

    god made people gay haters...

    can you see any flaw at all in your false logic?

    I personally, think that you have every right to pursue your desires (under the current system) BUT!...

    You have no right to infringe upon the rights of those whom god made to be child molesters, torturers, drug users, liars, adulterers, murderers, animal abusers, etc.

    For, if you were MADE GAY, then by your logic, all behavior should go unpunished and unfrowned upon, because, god made everyone, the way they are....?


    If not, then you were not made gay by god.

    So then, if god made you gay, then why do you hate those god made to hate gays?

    • Robert4 months agoReport

      God never made anyone gay, read the first chapter of Romans, and if you think that those scriptures don t matter, then read 2Timothy Chapter 3. Then if you really want to buck God you ll be taking one very big risk with our creator. Remember, his word supersedes any human philosophy.

  • 3 years ago

    Does God Hate Gays

  • 3 years ago

    I was created in gods image psych personally can answer this question very accurately let's begin: all gays are diseased all gays are dirty all gays have HIV I must importantly all gays are *******. Ever since I grew up as a child I'm only 22 now. I just never liked Gaze at all just not ever the feminine voice that make up the lipstick what the **** is wrong with those parents to be honest though it's not the parents because the father didn't want to go to jail as well for beating the **** out of his ****** *** up because then it would've been a two for one so I appllaud the parentsThe next thing you know he's excusing himself from the dinner table saying that he had to go ahead and take a piss but I didn't hear anything at the toilet that's because he got busted wiping his butt extra hard with toilet paper to pictures of Justin Bieber in the bathroom dad is ******* pissed

  • 5 years ago

    No, God does not Hate Gay People!! God loves us ALL!

    • shinobi_ty4 years agoReport

      God most definetly hates gay people......Read the Bible. Leviticus Hell he even wiped out two cities because of homosexual activity......stop lying to people.

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  • 6 years ago

    God did not choose you to be gay. God does not make people gay. Something from your past mad you gay. You have to think deeply, figure that thing out, and become normal again. Yes you read my last statement correctly, become NORMAL again. Gay people are abnormal. It's like a disability. Your family is good. all straight christians. You should be more like them. No one knows if God hates gay people. No one knows the mind of God. However, if you pray to him enough, he would tell you what he wants you to be.

    • nic4 years agoReport

      Not anyone's fault they're gay you ***.

  • 4 years ago

    If you are gay/lesbian, you are born that way. You can not change yourself. But if you are a murderer, that is something you CAN change. Praise God and love him, for he does the same. If you refuse to accept LGBT people think about this. First of all, God loves all people. You cant change yourself being Gay. If God is perfect then he didn't accidently create gays. Plus, you just have to be a good person to get to heaven. Let's say a criminal changes, they are a good person, they can go to heaven.

  • 1 decade ago

    Okay so truely i do not think he hates gays.

    there are two ways to look at these, each giving different veiws on what god thinks of gays.

    1. he made you gay because men are a temptation to the gay. he wants to see if you can be strong and resist.

    2. you are gay (and there are other gays) to stop people from being narrow minded. he wants everyone to accept everyone because that is the golden law. and because he cannot come to Earth. he puts people like you on it.

    Personally, i think its the second. Because i dont think he would give just the selected few the temptation and not all of us. it does not seem to make sense.

    for your family, they should be and most likely WILL be open minded. after all you are there son. sometimes you make hate something, but when someone you love is a part of that something, you change your view.

    after all love is blind.

    EDIT: plus god said only the ten commandments truly matter, espeically when it comes to heaven and hell.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No, god does not hate you.

    If you're female, you may have a more fluid sexuality than males, but most likely you'll never go straight. Or be able to pass for straight.

    Mostly, literalist Christians are going to tell you that you can be saved and no longer be gay (you can stay saved, but it won't change your orientation.) Thanks to the Bible verse that says if you lust after someone you've committed adultery with them, it probably won't really matter to your church if you're celibate or not.

    Some gay Christians reconcile the idea of a god creating them gay and then allowing such an anti-gay religion. Some (like myself) do not. You're going to have to work out the spiritual side of this for yourself, I'm afraid. But you are not alone.

    As for your parents? Everyone has a hard time with that. If you think you'll be thrown out, don't tell them until you're 18 or older. Please figure out first if you'll be safe or not, and where you'll go if they react badly.

    Nobody should hate you. I'm sorry some people will. But nobody should. There's nothing wrong with you. Some of us are naturally gay. That's how it happened.

    (Please don't consider ex-gay therapy. It does not work.)

    I hope my source can help you.

    Also, you might want to look for other gay Christians in the GLBT section. I'm afraid there's just not much comfort here. I'm sorry. I wish I had more. I wish there was more here for you.

  • 4 years ago

    No. He doesent. People who believe that are ignorant people who like to make others who are not the same as them, feel like ****. You are who you are. I advise that you surround yourself with people who love and accept you the way you are. Be you. Don't hide yourself or be ashamed because hey, you're not alone. If your family hates you after coming out to them, then all I can say is: they are not family. Family is those who love, care, and accept you. They shouldn't forgive your "mistake" because haven't committed one in the first place. I don't believe you are sinning for being gay. You're simply accepting who you are and how God made you. God works in mysterious ways. He know what he's doing. He has a plan for everyone. Just remover that. And I wish you the best of luck!

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Bible says that god has commanded against adultery, lying, premarital sex, greed, … which are well accepted norms in today’s society. Bibles does, furthermore, say a lot against the wealthy people, which of-course goes right into the heart of Capitalism. Bible asks women to “obey” their husbands same way that they should obey god! It says eye for an eye…. It sets dead penalty for disrespecting your parents and lots of other things that are nonsense, at least nonsense relative to what is accepted in a modern society as basic human right.

    How comes the religious folks promote hater against gays but are silent when it comes to all the other stuff? We know that Bible has been used in the past to justify slavery and kill the intellects. How do we know that gays are not simply new victims of some kind of misinterpretation? The way Bible is interpreted appears to be very liberal any ways.

    • Gilbert2 years agoReport

      You’ve never actually read the Bible, I can tell...

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    "If anyone says, I love God, but hates the brothers or sisters, he is a liar...Whoever loves God must also love the brothers and sisters." I John 3:20, 21 Jesus himself said this.

    16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

    God loves us all so much. Even if we sin, he doesn't hate us or get angry. He is disappointed. Before people run around claiming that God hates gays with their misspelled picket signs, they should read the bible a little more and realize that God is more disappointed with them than any Christian gay.

    • Gilbert2 years agoReport

      Christian gay is an be a true Christian you must REPENT!

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