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Who in your opinion is the current best author of Fantasy genre and who in Science Fiction fiction literature?


Please also explain valid reasons why you feel they deserve the distinction of the best current authors?

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    Sorry, I have to go old school on you.

    Fantasy - Terry Brooks, hands down. His Shannara series is untouchable, although it shows influence by the all time greats C.S. Lewis and Tolkien.

    SF is tougher. Who can compare with Robert Heinlein, Asimov, Bradbury, Anne McCaffrey, Margarette Atwood, Larry Niven, and Arthur C. Clarke? The list is endless.

    There are newer authors who show just as much promise, but they have a long, long staircase to climb before they truly prove themselves.

    Source(s): Thirty plus years of reading SF and Fantasy.
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    Fantasy: Ian Irvine, for his View From the Mirror Quartet. I haven't read any of his other books, but I love his vivid worlds and imaginable characters. There is no "good" or "bad," because in the end, everyone is good and bad to their own degree. Never once does anything feel too "over the top." That is a trait that is good to have in the fantasy genre.

    Science Fiction: Dan Simmons, mostly for his Hyperion books, but his other works are nice as well. Simmons seems to be able to take known classics and convert them to science fiction classics. Hyperion is basically Canterbury Tales in space. Compelling writing follows all of his believable characters.

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    Well like everyone says, Stephenie Meyer is definately one. I think the major reason people like reading her books are because she writes a quite believable love story even if it does involve vampires and werewolves. Her writing is quite simple without it being too simple. It's easy to understand and love.

    Anne Bisho is another good author who deals with dark fantasy/fantasy. There's just something about her writing that lures the reader in. Her imagination is incredible! The worlds she create are amazing and sometimes leaves you wishing they were real. Her writing is also amazing, her stories all move at a steady pace.

    Unfortunately I don't read many science fiction books and i can't think of any at the time, sorry.

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    I can’t answer your question fully but, Susanna Clarke and Neil Gaiman are quite hot at the moment.

    Clarke has only written two books, her novel Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell which I enjoyed very much and The Ladies of Grace Adieu a small anthology of short stories in a similar vein. I would recommend Jonathan Strange to anyone with an imagination.

    Gaiman is more prolific and has been writing longer, I’ve only read three of his books, I really enjoyed Smoke and Mirrors and Fragile Things his two anthologies of short stories and Ansani Boys which was good also. He’s written considerably more but I couldn’t comment as I’ve not read them.

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    Just because they're popular doesn't mean they are the "best."

    I like Meyers' Twilight series, but for well-developed characters and realistic conflicts here are my top three fantasy:

    -Brandon Sanderson who wrote Elantris and the Mistborn series.

    -Sharon Shinn whose book, Mystic and Rider, still keeps me fascinated.

    -Megan Whelan Turner. Beautiful prose.

    For Science Fiction:

    -Julie Czerneda. Her books are intense and complex.

    -Robert Heinlein, definitely. Stranger in a strange land was amazing!

    -Lois McMaster Bujold. Less intensely science fiction and more intensely human.

    Some of the best books I have ever read have been books that I stumbled onto. Don't let the popularity of a book influence you.

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    FANTASY: A new author named John Beachem deserves your consideration. Check out "Storms of Vengeance". He says it is the first in a series of 8 - 10 books. He hasn't told me yet when the second book will be out, but I'm going to start asking soon.

    The plot of Storms is quite involved and rather interesting. His good characters aren't entirely good and you have some sympathy for his bad characters. His elves are not like the elves you have read about in any other book. I've been very impressed by his writing, but he isn't well known yet.

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    I agree that Stephenie Meyer is a great author. I would say D.J. MacHale for the Science Fiction category because he has created 9 books so far in the Pendragon series and they aren't like anything you have ever read before.

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    I'm no fantasy fan, but for science fiction you can't go wrong with Dan Simmons. Start his Hyperion series and you'll automatically feel like it's something you've read before. There's a reason for that, but I'll let you discover it for yourself. I would also reccommend his novel "Song of Kali" for the fantasy/horror genre.

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    Fantasy - Tolkien.

    Science Fiction - Currently, for me at least, Peter Hamilton, Richard Morgan, Neal Asher, and Alastair Reynolds. Apart from them the list is looonnnggg.

    40+ years reading SF.

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    Stephenie Meyer or James Patterson

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