What is Space-Time Compression?

Can someone please explain this in simple terms??

I do understand space-time relativity and the 4 forces etc. Just don't use complicated words. I tried wikipedia and I couldnt understand what they meant.

Apparently this is related to the UFO technology that Bob Lazar examined at Area 51. He said that the aliens use element 115 Uup, which is stable and can generate a gravity field.

If you knew anything about this I love to know about too.

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  • Joe M
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    1 decade ago
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    Fist I am going to assume it is not time space compression as explained in wikipedia. That is more of a psychological or sociological term.

    Einstein said that space and time are united. He called them space-time. The closer you got to the speed of light the more time and space gets compressed compared to here on Earth.

    If you are close to the speed of light, what seems like ten minutes in the space ship could be 100 years here on earth. Looking out at things passing by, the appear squished in the left and right and normal in the up and down. The is the space part of the space time compression.

    As far as Uup, it is nothing more than an urban legend. Don't put much in to this.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    The problem with compression is it still needs to decompress when you open a file so you still need space. you will also slow down your computer. Better to buy another hard drive

  • 1 decade ago

    Imagine a net stretched across your room....at some height from the floor.....

    now place a massive ball over it...

    you'll notice that it bends the fabric...

    this bending is same as that of spacetime and ths bending is gravity...

    it's not that gravity is a force....

    instead it is bending of spacetime and the matter/radiation follows the shape of spacetime.....

    need more details???


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