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Do these John Frieda Products Work?

1. DownPlay™

Volume Reducer

2. Wind Down® Relaxing Creme

3. Dream Curls™ Curl Perfecting Spray

a yes and a no would be fine :]

I have very very poofy volumized to the max curly hair!

So would these or any other john frieda products work?


and 4. Frizz-Ease® Crème Serum Overnight Repair Formula

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    1. DownPlay™

    Volume Reducer: YES i looooove this product!! i have very thick/frizzy/poofy hair and this stuff works wonders

    2. Wind Down® Relaxing Creme:cant say, never used it but i love john frieda products they really work. im sure its good.

    3. Dream Curls™ Curl Perfecting Spray: yes this works well to give curls a defining shape and helps with frizz

  • pintor
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    4 years ago

    I dye my hair different colours continuously, i attempted the bathroom Frieda shampoo and conditioner first when I had pink hair. It wasn't the worst factor yet i did no longer quite word a distinction in shine or colour so i did no longer purchase it lower back. I later dyed my hair medium brown and then blond, it became the comparable previous tale lower back. It became ok yet i did no longer think of it made my hair experience comfortable nor did it seem to make the colour extra dazzling, so i did no longer purchase it extra beneficial than as quickly as for any of the numerous hair colours. I even have not discovered something great oftentimes for shine and softness, I't nonetheless looking too. good luck!

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