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How do I properly clean my makeup brushes?

The last time I tried cleaning the powder brushes i use for powder foundation, a lot of the hairs fell out of it. What are the proper ways of cleaning makeup brushes without ruining them? thanks!

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    I use a disposable cup and in it, i put equal parts Neurtogena Makeup Remover (the oil-free eye makeup remover works well) and warm filtered water.

    I just dip my brushes in and swirl them around. (If they're really dirty, you may have to change the water or fill up two or three cups of the mix before you start) I do that until they appear clean. With a clean hand or a paper towel, I ring out the liquid from the brushes into the sink and shape them with my finger tips or an eyebrow comb and set them upright somewhere to dry.

    i haven't experienced any fallout or wiring of the bristles.

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    All you need is warm water and soap. I like to use liquid, anti-bacterial soap. You can also use face soap. Just wet the brushes, and squirt a little soap on and rub it in. You'll see the makeup wash right out. Repeat and then dry by laying flat on a paper towel.

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    use a dab of dish soap, and rinse them off, then lay them on the side and let them dry.

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