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Why do black man date more white women then do white man date black women?

Well statistically speakin black guys do marry three times as many white women as do white man marry black women!

What do u make of this! again, life is unfair!

Some of them are loosing out!

I mean what happens to black women?

The same story repeats itself with Assian women and White man! and still we have the assian man being the loosers, on a three to one rata!

What do you make of those statistics?


The onl;y think I am wondering is who are the (1 in 3) black women and assian man, dating ?

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    I have read articles on this issue and I have talked to black men who date white women.

    Some black men date white women because they feel like black women are too demanding and that nothing they do seems to be good enough for these black women out here.

    Some black men date white women for control issues.There are certain things that black women will not take off a man.Some black men have bragged how easy it is to control white women and they brag about having their white woman under control.I even witnessed a black man beating on his white girlfriend.He punched her all up in the face like she was a beanbag and bragged about how he has her in check.Most black women will fight back and not take that s*** off him.

    Some black men argue that black women are too needy,some are overweight,some are too demanding,etc. etc.

    Then there are black women who date white men and other non black males for the same reasons.

    So many of these black women are opening up to dating other races.

    Me being one of them.

    I am going for non black men for the same reasons black men go for non black women.

    Half of these black men out here around my age just are undatable.Half of the young black men out here and even sadly some middle aged black men out here are jobless and some aren't even trying to get a job.They want to stand on the corner all day and shoot dice,disrespect women,and listen to loud music.Half of the black men are in jail or dying from HIV/AIDS, so that leaves us black women short. Half of the black men out here aren't trying to get a college education.They think college is for suckers so they end up with dead end low paying jobs or they are just jobless.They plan on living with their mama until she dies.They're mama's boys.The worst kind.

    So black men are going for the white women because more so often she is more educated, not too demanding,not putting down every little thing, etc.

    And some educated black women like me choose to go after white men because look at the trash we black women are stuck with.All the successful black men go for the white,Asian,and Latina women and that leaves us with the trashy black men who stand on the corners, shoot dice,disrespect women,do drugs,sell drugs,drink themselves stupid,work dead end jobs,lazy Mfs who don't want nothing out of life,and mama's boys.(men determined to live with their mama until she dies.) Remember that movie Don't Be A Menace While Drinking Your Juice in The Hood? Old School was 40 years old still living with his mama and thats sadly what some of these black men do.They wouldn't know an apartment if it bit them on the ****.

    So black women go for white men because look at the loser black men thats left as a result of successful black men going to white women.

    And black men do the same because some of the black women are losers too.I mean look at some of the black women out here too.They have 1 to 5 kids each by a different man,they are determined to collect welfare for the rest of their lives, some are working dead end jobs,some aren't trying to go to college,some are still living with their mamas and they are in their fricking 30s and 40s,etc.

    Most black men that date whites I talk to said the same thing.Some of these black women don't want nothing and they glamorize ghetto mentality so they go for the white women.

    And you are right about us black women losing out because the successful black males leave and date white women and we are left with these good for nothing sorry black men who don't want nothing out of life.

    So we black women are going to have to date outside our race because I know I don't want a loser who still lives at home with his mama, who is a total mama's boy, working a dead end job,shooting dice on the corner all day,drinking himself stupid,f**king every woman in sight,selling drugs,doing drugs,going off to jail,riding public transportation,and not having any money to do something besides hang on the block all day. Look at the losers we black women have to deal with.

    I'm all for biracial dating.I've had it up to here with black men and their mess.Like Shug said on the movie The Color Purple.

    "I don't need no weak little boy who can't say no to his daddy!I need a man! A man!"

    I need a man.Not some weak little mamas boy who just sits on his **** all day playing video games,hanging with the boys,doing drugs,listening to loud music,disrespecting women,shooting dice,working a dead end job or not even having a job,not trying to get a college education,riding public transportation,have bad credit,wearing saggy pants showing his boxers and butt to everyone,and acting like a little boy.

    We black women are going to have to be open to dating other races.

    Now some of these black chicks out here are ghetto and are desperate and they date those losers and have babies for them but look what it gets them.

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    I think it's because biologically most women are programmed to want to be dominated. (Not all, there are dominant women, obviously). But, since blacks were once slaves, a white woman being dominated by a black man makes the domination that much more visceral and stark. She feels "subjugated"... owned. In a lot of dom/sub lifestyle, degradation adds to the subjugation. That's why lots of guys give women back-handed compliments. They're trying to break them. Some submissive women want to feel "broken". Not in a "rape victim" sense, but in the sense that the man they end up with has totally gotten past all the crap she throws at him. He doesn't put up with her attitude. He doesn't let her act like a brat. He keeps her in check, puts her in her place, and she feels controlled and like he's a man she can be under. Going back to slavery, since blacks were once slaves, the feeling of having a black man over you just makes it all the more real that you are "beneath" him. These men that came from slaves are now your master, your owner, your husband, your protector, your lover, etc. For some women it underlines the fact that she is a woman, and that regardless of where a man comes from he's a man and the man will always be above the woman. Does this ring true for everyone? No. But for some it does. There's also the feeling of being with "forbidden fruit". Not long ago (eg: 60's) an interraccial couple was still considered taboo. Even today we have some jerks feeling like dating outside your race is taboo. So, being with someone of a different race feels risque and exciting. Humans are designed to intermingle their genetics after specializing them, so it's natural for some folks to want to be interracially sexual with each other. I think the same could be said of asian women. Some are excited about doing something "taboo" like being with a white guy. And white guys are seen as "barbaric" compared to asians. And some women are attracted to the idea of just a raw, barbaric, pure, animalistic male presence. Whether the man acts that way or not doesn't change the feelings the woman has.

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    The truth is because some black men are self hating, and bash black women in this process. This is why many of us get mad. There's nothing wrong with it, just as long as you don't bash your own race. The truth is also they often do it for mixed kids with long hair and light skin, slave mindset. I love white men, but don't say, black men attitude, I hate black men and others. Black men get mad when we do it too. Some I mean, like it's o.k. for them not us, hypocrisy. Also 41.2 % of black women are unmarried, we feel like they're taking all of them, white women can GET ANY RACE BLACK WOMEN ARE LIMMITED, WATCH DARK GIRLS DOCUMENTARY OR LIGHT GIRLS, YOU UNDERSTAND. Counting gay black m, jail, it makes it even more slim. Nothing against it, but most of the time, they think it's a prize or award. I gave up, most of the men who liked me were white... in fact, more black men are saying that they only date white women, or rap songs bashing black women. This is sad our generation has gone down...

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    Pretty simple answer:

    Most black women don't like white guys.

    I've been on dating websites, and black women are about the only ones I've seen, who specifically list only black guys as their preference.

    Almost everyone else says "any" in the race column.

    I have no idea WHY, but it's really the truth.

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      Cuz they no they dont have a shot

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    White women are better I mean come on they are more feminine and have that look that makes you want them. I WOULD NEVER touch a black women I'm not racist I have black friends but as to a girl I don't like them in the least in fact the thought is kinda gross I'm not trying to be mean this is my honest answer.

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    black women are less likely to date outside of their race than white women.

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    Well that's pretty much causing Black women and Asian men to explore their options like dating out of their race. I'm very interested in this statistic. I like the idea of interracial relationships.

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    Because black women mostly date black men.

    Simple...and it's also true about the dating website thing.

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    its because those black guys wants some white meat and i don't blame them white girls are the best in my opinion. I know if i were black i would be dating a white girl and as for black girls dating white guys, white guys dont like black girls that much

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    Why does it matter what race we're dating? How are black women and Asian men losing out? Do they have to date only their race?

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    I guess black women need to marry asian men to even things up.

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