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How bout them clippers?

Baron davis, marcus camby, and also al thorton rolling along in the summer league. Who thinks they will compete in the west?

also, warriors? think they should pick of deseganna diop, they need a strong tall center.

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    no playoffs for that other LA team. Davis hasn't won a thing, Camby hasn't one a thing, and it doesn't matter that Thorton is doing good in the summer league, I could do good in the summer league. Brand was their main guy, and he's gone. No playoffs for that other LA team.

  • Before the Camby trade I thought they would end up being just mediocre. After that trade, I think they will be on the bubble for a playoff spot. Now they got Davis at PG, Mobley and Gordon at SG, Thorton can play the SF, Camby at PF, and Kaman at C. It's going to be tough for opposing teams to score in the paint. This year the Warriors are going to have to play small, seeing they signed Turiaf who is a PF off the bench. Outside of Biedrens they don't have much at C.

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    Well dont forget they lost Maggette and Brand

    But i still a team with Baron Davis, Camby, Kaman, Thorton and Gordan will be great in a few years to

    The Pacific Division wont be a 2team race anymore

  • Well i guess in Las Vegas summer league Stephan Marbury is there and has been seen with warriors personal quite a bit, so this could be a potental warriors lineup.

    PG Marbury/C.J. Watson

    SG Jackson/ Belinelli

    SF Maggette/ Randolph

    PF Harrington/ Wright

    C Biedrens/ Turiaf

    If that aint a Western Conference contending lineup then what is.

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    Here's the breakdown.

    1. Lakers

    2. Hornets

    3. Spurs

    4. Jazz

    5. Suns

    6. Rockets

    7. Trailblazers

    8. Clippers

    I really don't see Golden State making it.

    Monta is turnover happy and likes to score more than dish.

    They need a true point guard.

    Of course Baron can get injured and then Golden State will make it.

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    there not going to make it to the playoffs

    Warriors will cause B-Davis averaged 22 points and Maggette will score about 21






    also Diop signed with Dallas agian

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    Huh, Warrior picked up DeSagana Diop? Look at this:;_ylt=...

    Let's not forget that the SG postion for the Clippers are kinda not very good.

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    I think that now the Clippers can may a good run in the playoffs, but i dont think they will be the top team in the west

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    They sound pretty good. Only if Brand had stayed, then they would be really good. But if they could just get to where they were like a year or two ago, they would be really good. I'm sorry, but I have to say this... Lakers Rule!

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