This season. Degrassi?

Okay so what's happened so far? I missed a few episodes prior to the new season...Jimmys dating the girl he met in physio right? And Spiner's dating Jane? Mia attempted to be a "family" with the boy who impregnated her...didn't work? What else am I missing? I saw the episode were Sean came to visit and stayed with Emmas family. Who is Emma dating? whats going on with Darcy and Petter?


No, Emma datedddd Peter...I know she did. The Peter and Darcy started dating. Darcy got raped by unkown person at ski lodge, tried to commit suicide..So isn't she like secretly dating Peter right now because of her parents?

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    it's till the 7th season. for some reason here in the states they break the seaon into episodes so it looks like it's a new season. if you've seen the eps on july 11th then you're all caught up. the next new eps sre this coming friday.

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    Emma's dating peter,

    Emma had a big Weight beliemc/anorexic thing.

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