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LG VU video calling!?

can you do video calling with the LG VU? and if you can, how?


also, if i need a isim card, or a 3G sim card, where could i buy one and how much would it be?

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    You can, but you have to be in an area with 3G network coverage. And you would need an iSim card... Not just a regular Sim card.

    Here is a link for 3G coverage information:

    If you are buying a phone and updating your contract, they will send you one with it. if they dont, ask them about it... I dont think you can just buy SIM cards at all.. They have to be programmed.

    I have actually heard reports that, when not updating contract and purchasing phone at retail price, that regular SIM cards worked.. just not as well.

    Also, to even be able to Video Share, you BOTH have to have 2 bars of 3G service...

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