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How can I get my old yahoo home page back?

I want tp keep my old yahoo home page. How can I get it back?

Pamela S. Ferrro

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    I wish I had the old version back as well! I will not be using Yahoo any longer. Its sad that they do what they want to.....

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    A message from the team.

    July 15, 2008 on 1:34 pm |

    Hello My Yahoo! users,

    As planned, we transitioned everyone to the new My Yahoo! yesterday. We’re excited about this version because it provides a solid foundation for us to more quickly innovate and respond to your needs and requests. We still have a lot more in store for the product, and will be continuously improving it with the additional display controls and module enhancements that we know are important to you.

    Some of you have asked if you can return to the original My Yahoo!. Going forward, we are entirely focused on the new version so that we can create the best overall experience for you. Therefore, the original My Yahoo! has been retired.

    We’ve been diligently following all of your feedback, and appreciate you taking the time to share your ideas with us. We’ll continue to use this blog and the feedback page to gather your input and keep you informed of the things we are working on for you – so please stay tuned!


    The My Yahoo! Team

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    Let me translate the above answer. Yahoo was tired of people not changing over over to the new version that they wasted a money designing for no real reason. So your only hope is to complain enough that we have to make some common sense changes (like bringing back the message center)

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    yahoo have changed everyone to their new home page by stealth, your old home page is now not recognised by the server so your wasting your time trying to get it back again, it like a new marriage, we are stuck with it for better or worse

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