Does anybody know what happened to these few wwe superstars???.....#2?

Candice Michelle

Ashey Massaro

DH Smith

The Great Khali

Jonathan Coachman

Jimmy Wang Yang

William Regal

The Undertaker

D'Lo Brown


Val Venis

Gregory Helms


And Melina

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    1 decade ago
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    Candice - re-injured her clavicle. Returning soon

    Ashley - recently released due to personal problems

    DH Smith - drafted to SmackDown

    The Great Khali - returning soon

    Jonathon Coachman - reportedly signed with ESPN. May be sitting out remainder of WWE contract

    Jimmy Wang Yang - suspended due to WWE Wellness Plicy violation. Returning soon.

    William Regal - suspended due to WWE Wellness Plicy violation. Returning soon.

    The Undertaker - 'banished from WWE due to loss to Edge at One Night Stand.' Taking a break, returning soon.

    D'Lo Brown - recently re-signed to the WWE. May redebut some time.

    Boogeyman - recovering from dental surgery & injuries

    Val Venis - wrestles dark matches prior to RAW.

    Gregory Helms - recovering from injury should be back soon

    Carlito - drafted to SmackDown

    Melina - injured heel/ankle during match on WWE Draft show. Recovering.

  • 1 decade ago

    Candice Michelle-Broken Clavicle

    Ashey Massaro-Asked For Early Release

    DH Smith-Dark Matches

    The Great Khali-In WWE

    Jonathan Coachman-No Idea

    Jimmy Wang Yang-Suspended

    William Regal-Suspended

    The Undertaker-Taking Time off to heal injuries

    D'Lo Brown-Coming Back To WWE, So Far Dark Matches

    Boogeyman-Teeth Replaced, Calf Injury

    Val Venis-Dark Matches

    Gregory Helms-Neck Injury

    Carlito-Drafted To Smackdown!

    Melina-Broken Heel

    Oh Yeah Got Them All!!!

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    Candice broke her clavicle

    Ashley's daughter is sick and can't travel with the WWE no more so she asked for her release

    DH Smith is taking time off to move to Florida

    The Great Khali is on Smackdown, he was in India like a month ago...

    Coachman isn't with the WWE anymore, hes on some sports show now...

    Jimmy Wang Yang just came back from his suspension

    William Regal will be back in a week from his supension

    D'Lo Brown is working dark matches for WWE

    Boogeyman is ingured and had some kind of dental work done...

    Val Venis just had Shoulder surgery and won't be back for about 6 months

    Gregory Helms will be back in Oct. after he broke his neck

    Carlito is working houseshows and has a new ugly haircut

    Melina broke her ankle and won't be back for 4 months

  • 1 decade ago

    Candice Michelle - Injured

    Ashey Massaro - Fired/Released

    DH Smith - On Smackdown

    The Great Khali - On Smackdown

    Jonathan Coachman - I have know idea

    Jimmy Wang Yang - I think he will be back on Friday night SD

    William Regal - Be back soon suspended

    The Undertaker - Be back soon hopefully

    D'Lo Brown - Wrestling at house shows

    Boogeyman - injured

    Val Venis - injured

    Gregory Helms - injured

    Carlito - On Smackdown

    And Melina - on Smackdown

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    1 decade ago

    Candice - shoulder injury so shes out for a little while

    Ashley - asked tp ne released

    DH Smith - about a month in his debut he failed a drug test so he will be jobbing for a while

    Khali - knee injuries, still appears if Edge or Vickie want to punish someone

    Coach - not 100% sure i think he was kayfabe fired

    Jimmy Wang Yang - kind of a jobber, still in WWE

    Regal - got suspended for 60 days and was kayfabe fired

    Taker - was kayfabe fired after losing to Edge in a TLC math

    Brown - asked for his release i think, not sure

    Boogeyman - jobs, nobodies seen him for a while now

    Val - jobs a lot, makes rare appearences

    Carlito - kind of a jobber, on smackdown hasn't done much

    Melina - still in WWE just not used

  • 3 years ago

    Wwe Jimmy Wang Yang

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Candice Michelle.Injuerd

    Ashey Massaro. Asked for realse

    DH Smith.dont know dont care

    The Great Khali.hes back i think i saw hi a cuple of weeks ago

    Jonathan Coachman.really dont care

    Jimmy Wang Yang supened for a long time

    William Regal.suspened also he will be back mabe this week on raw?

    The Undertaker.mabe some this month or the next?

    D'Lo Brown.dont know.sained a conteract with wwe on June 5th

    Boogeyman.getting teeth replaced

    Val Venis.injuered

    Gregory back on October 21 i think?

    Carlito.dont care

    And Melina.injered

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    1 decade ago



    Doing dark matches

    Touring India

    Not on TV

    Has a match this Friday

    Fired as GM

    Taking some time off

    Coming to ECW

    Not on TV



    Not on TV


  • 1 decade ago

    candice-teared a muscle on her clavicle

    ashley- released on reasons that no one completely knows

    dh smith- wrestling dark matches and not that famous

    khali-not being used much

    coach- noone really knows but he's currently announcing for espn

    wang yang- suspended for 30 days for his 1st violation of the wwe wellness policy

    regal-suspended fo 60 days for his violation of the wellness policy

    taker- he's not really gone he's taking time off for nagging injuries he'll be back at the wedding or at summerslam

    d'lo brown-he's doing dark matchhes for wwe

    boogeyman-taking time off also he had surgery or something on his teeth

    val venis- taking time off for unknown reasons

    gregory helms-recovering from a huge injury

    carlito-wrestling dark matches with his new corn rows (he's unhappy with wwe)

    Melina- on june 23 she fell off the turnburkle and injured her ankle (she was crying so bad)

  • 1 decade ago

    candice is still on raw

    ashley quit cuz her daughter is sick

    dh smith is still on raw

    the great khali is still on smackdown

    coachman is on ecw

    yang is still on smackdown

    regal is on raw

    taker is coming back after forced retirement

    D'o brown might return

    boogeyman is on ecw

    val is on raw

    gregory helms on smackdown injured, but still cruser champ

    carlito is on smackdown

    melina is still on raw

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