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odd question but do strippers get benefits?

let's say if ur stripping and the floor is slippery u fall and break ur leg. do u get workers comp? like if u can work for weeks because of it do u still get money? im just wondering.

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    That solely depends on how the strippers get paid through the club. If they are considered "contract labor", then no, no benefits (because employers do NOT have to pay for workers comp if they hire contract labor). If they are self employed, and just have to pay a lease or rent on the pole to the club owner, then no, no benefits. However, if they are considered an "entertainer" and paid by the club (and the money from dancing are "tips"), then the club must offer them workers' compensation, health insurance, etc. --- and of course both the stripper and the employer then have to pay social security and medicare, and the stripper has to file a W4 each year.

    Fun stuff taxes are. No one is safe from them!!!

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    this has actually happened to me. i was a stripper in a very large strip club. one night another girl and i got into it and her pole was right next to mine. she did the splits and i tripped over her leg and fell. i was offered benefits. the ambulance came and i was in a cast for three months. don't even worry about it though, I'm back on the pole and better than ever.

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    Well workers comp is required by law, so I will say yes. Its just another job and if you cant work due to an on the job injury...even if that job is swinging nude on a pole should be covered by this!

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    LMAO, you would think the answer would be no right? Well it depends on the club where they work. Some offer benefits :) Go figure!

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