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Can you get gangrene from wearing socks to bed?


Well, I think wearing socks to bed and my parents told me that I would get Gangrene.

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    It is highly unlikely. If you were the socks of a leapor, then possibly. The bacteria that cause leaporacy can attack your feet and cause gangrene.

    Gangrene is a rampant infection resulting from the complete collapse of the body's systems, including immune response and circulation. This differs from sepsis, which is an infection of the blood with the immune system still fighting and systems still working.

    Source(s): BS in biochemistry, 1 year of graduate level immunology and mammalian physiology.
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    Gosh, your socks would have to be REALLY tight!

    I suppose if you have very poor circulation anyway (ie if you were an aging heavy smoker with years of circulatory damage), then I guess a tight elastic could tip the blood supply over the edge, but this is the stuff of fantasy.

    You shouldnt wear socks to be because it's just not done!

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  • Not unless you're wrapping chords around them at the top, thereby constricing the flow of blood to your feet....and I doubt you'd do something like that, right?

    Who in the world told you that?

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