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Why is Derrick Thomas (RIP) not in the hall?

The only person that posed more of a threat to a QB was LT. Other teams whole game plan was structured around not letting DT near the QB. We always new they were going to run right at Derrick so his quickness would come in to play.

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    I think he will be in the Hall of Fame and the reason he is not yet is probably because he only became eligible in 05 and the HOF is so political. They hardly ever let players in right away. I don't get it. They have nothing left to prove and if they are good enough as he clearly is then they should go in once they are eligible. I don't think there is any question he belongs there it is just a matter of timing. I think he is the best linebacker that I ever saw play. I have a question too along the same lines. Why have the Chiefs not retired his #58? The guy was amazing and I doubt we will see another like him for a long time. Nobody currently holds a candle to what he could do. Like you said - LT is the only linebacker that has had the same effect on QB's in a game. Sad that he is not around anymore (RIP).

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    This is a very good question. This guy had some of the most amazing single game efforts. Unfortunately, many of the voters like to put parameters around time in the league and stuff like that...All that should matter is the impact that he had on the game while he played. Of the eligible players, he should be the next to get in. Can you imagine what his numbers would have been like had he not passed away? You're right. He was the 2nd best rush linebacker ever.

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    oh he will be one day it's just that he was a finalist for election to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2005, his first year of eligibility. The following three years, Thomas was named a finalist but was not elected. it's just a matter of getting the right amount of votes so we have absolutely nothing to do with him getting him in it's whoever votes on it

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    He'll get in eventually. He played at a high level long enough to get in and he has some awesome games (sack record) that'll get him in.

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    No idea. He needs to be very soon.

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    He's not in because he doesn't belong.

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