Can anybody provide me the link to download a free full version CALL RECORDING software for Nokia N73, Please

I have been using call recording softwares like Extended call recorder , Call Cheater , call recorder for symbian phones etc .in my S60 series Nokia phone earlier ,which gave comparitively good results with good quality and low memory space consumption (.amr format).

But those softwares are not supported in my new N Series phone - Nokia N73 . Which OS is being used in N-Series ? Is it not symbian ? If so why is it not supporting installation of .sis files which Nokia s60 series support ? N-Series is requiring .sisx files for installation it seems .

Can you suggest a good full featured CALL RECORDING software , probably with a download link ???

Please explain all my querries relates to software compatabilty in N-Series Nokia phones ??

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    N Series phones are S60 phones too, and the N Series brand identifies them as mobile multimedia computers. Similarly you can find the E Series S60 phones, with E standing for enterprise or some cheap and less feature rich phones in the eXpress series or as "plain" Nokia phones, such as Nokia 5500. That's about the Nokia released S60 phones. You can find S60 phones from other phone makers too such as Samsung and LG. More info about S60 @

    This is however irrelevant for your installation problem. There are many N Series phones, the first one was N70, the most recent one N78. They differ both in hardware and software capabilities (natural evolution of things).

    Your N73 uses the S60 3rd Edition release of the software platform, based on Symbian OS 9.1. This OS version brings great security features but their cost is that none of the old applications can be installed on the phones using the new OS version. This explains your installation problem.

    So, when shopping around for new software for your phone look for keywords such as: "S60 3rd Edition", "Symbian OS 9.x". Avoid anything less (like S60 2nd Edition FP3, Symbian OS 8.1) or more (S60 3rd Edition FP1, Symbian OS 9.2).

    When it comes to finding applications, you have an "app store" (like the "new" thing that iPhone has) on your phone, look for the icon named "Download!" or "Catalogs", you may find the application there. Alternatively, see the links below:

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    this call recorder is very best i like it very much

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