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Sod question?

I put down sod in front yard like a month ago. They were nice and green until I mowed it. Most of it is now brown. There are a few green leaves. Will it grow back or they are dead?

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    You've had a couple of people steer you in the right direction - you cut it too short. Try getting some peat moss and raking a thin layer over the sod....not enough to cover it, just enough to let it settle into the spaces between blades of grass. Then water at least once a day. The peat moss will help protect the roots from the sun and will also retain moisture until your sod has had a chance to re-establish itself.

    Set your mower's blade higher for the next several times you mow. Eventually you'll be able to go shorter.

    Oh, and the person who said that the roots are still there and will respond to water is right. The roots are the last thing to die off, so hurry up and get to fixing!

    **Water thoroughly in the early morning before the sun is beating down on the lawn. Otherwise the you can actually cook your lawn if you water while there's full sun.

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    Did you roll it after you set it? Did it make good contact with the soil underneath? Can you pull up sections or has it knitted with the soil below?

    Assuming the sod knit well, just water well and for heaven's sake raise that lawn mower blade. Sounds like you scalped it, that is removed more than 1/3 of the total grass blade length. Mow high, for many weeks after. The more blade you have, the more strength the grass will have to form those roots into the soil below.

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    You might have mowed it to short or to soon. Before the root system had a chance to develop. Maybe even to dry after the cut. Roots are still there. They always respond to water. Water every day now, lightly, and it should survive!

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    If you keep it watered it will grow back. You cut it too short. Sod has to stay a little taller than other grass.

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    you mowed the sod only a month after you laid it down,,it did not get a chance to establish itself. probably dead.

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    Just water it a lot and it will keep growing.

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    dead. forever.. sorry "/

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