anyone ever heard this name before?

pascale?? ive never heard it before but was talking to a mother as we were standing in a long line at the store talking and asked what her daughters name was and she said pascale!! the baby is 6 months old and i know there are alot of different names being used today but this one ive never heard of!! do you guys like it? just curious!!!

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    How was it pronounced??? Was it pah-scwally or pass-cali? Makes a difference... If it was the first, she may have been being cute as that is what many older folks used to call the kids (in the country, anyhow). Kinda like in the Snuffy n Weezey comic strip... It's a pet name, kinda like sweet pea or sugar pie. Another pronunciation could be pass-cal, which I have heard once or twice and isn't terrible, but isn't for me. Some folks don't really think of how a name may or may not affect the kid. I tried really hard to avoid any names that could be made fun of, but sorta failed on 2 (Aurora - had no idea there was a toilet paper by that name and -thanks to his dad- Kullen - obviously it is often mispronounced as colon ~Great!~ Also Aurora ended up being called Ro for short and of course often gets to hear the Row your boat song) Anyway! You can't always pick the perfect name, no matter how hard you try. I am sure she had a really good reason for making that choice. When you have the chance to name a baby, remember that and try to do your kid a favor - wonder if it will work out better for you than it did or me...


    C Ya!


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    I have heard it before, but it is a rare name.

    Unique names are sadly only unique for a short time, so many people are on the hunt for unused names.

    Many of them are names that were popular 100-200 years ago. Being brought back.

    I named my oldest Gavin, and 2-3 years later it was in the top 100 names here.

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    Yes, it's a French name, and Pascale is the feminine version of Pascal. I think it rolls off the tongue quite well. She might possibly (or the father) from French descent.

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    I went to school with a Pascale. I don't like the name though.

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    Yeah, I've heard it before. I don't really like it or dislike it. I wouldn't name my chid pascal but some people don't like my kids 'unique' names either. I don't care, I don't give my children names to accomodate rude people lol. It could be quite pretty for a girl is spelled differently.

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    I've heard of it spelt Pascal, it french my brothers boss is named Pascal!

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    I've only ever heard it used in the context of Pascal's triangle lol


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    It's so funny to me when people use words like should, or shouldn't when describing a baby's name....names are names! Another way to say made up words....I think the more unique the better. The only person who has that choice is the parents....ease up people! how many times have you been made fun of for your name? weather it be "different',"weird", OR "boring" or "traditional". It's your proud of that however it may sound to others!

  • Zyggy
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    I've heard it a few times. Pascal (pass-cal) and Pascale (pass-cal-a)

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    Yes i have heard it plenty of times its a french female name and its male counterpart is also a programming language and a unit of measurement

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