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kam mui asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago


Koala cheats death

A koala that cheated death after being hit by a car at 100 kilometers per hour and dragged with his head jammed through the vehicle grille for 12 km is being dubbed Australia's luckiest marsupial.

The eight-year-old male koala, named Ely Lucky Grills by rescuers, was struck by an unwitting motorist north of Brisbane and found only when the car stopped after being flagged down by another vehicle.

Lucky was found with his bottom sticking out of the grille of a woman's car after she pulled up at a station on the outskirts of Brisbane.

"To have him survive and virtually unscathed is quite miraculous," Australian Wildlife Hospital spokewoman Carolyn Beaton said yesterday. Lucky hung on during his ordeal with one arm and his trapped head, and was freed with household scissors used like a fireman's "jaws of life" to cut around the car's mesh grille, Beaton said.

Lucky will stay at the hospital, set up by the late television wildlife and crocodile crusader Steve Irwin, for 45 days to recover and receive treatment.

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  • keith
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    樹熊死裏逃生〔cheat death 係死神都俾佢呃到咁解〕


    該頭八歲、被救援人員叫作「伊利幸運格柵」(Ely Lucky Grills)的雄性樹熊,在布里斯本以北被一個不知情的駕駛者撞倒,直至另一輛車向司機示意停車才被他發現。


    「牠能生還,而且看來絲毫無損,實在是奇蹟,」澳洲野生動物醫院發言人 Carolyn Beaton 昨天說。他說幸運在整個過程中用一條手臂撐著,頭給夾住,救援人員得用剪刀把車子的格柵剪開,像消防員用液壓剪刀一樣,才把牠救了出來。


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    因為 12 公里正在被配音澳洲最幸運的有袋類,在每小時 100 公里被一輛汽車打而且以他的頭拖拉之後欺騙了死亡的一個無尾熊擠過了車輛格子。

    八年的男性無尾熊,命名了救助者的 Ely 幸運烤架,被一個布理斯班不知情汽車駕駛人北方打了而且發現只有當汽車在被另一輛車輛所旗子下來之後停止了的時候。


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