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英文強的大大請進,聽力--(急) 20點

請英文強大大幫忙聽前面 4分鐘 的聽力並打出內容,

麻煩了,需打完前面 4分鐘 完整才給點喔><|||


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    Hi I'm Bill O'Reilly, thank you for watching us tonight.

    Once again, a sanctuary city policy has killed Americans.

    That is the subject of this week's TalkingPOINTS Memo.

    As we reported, 17-year old Allison Kunhardt and 16-year old Tessa Tranchant were killed by an illegal alien drunk driver in Virginia.

    The man, 22-year old Alfredo Ramos from Mexico, had three previous alcohol-related convictions and an identity theft conviction, but he had never been sentenced to prison.

    The incidents all took place in and around Virginia Beach, which is a 'sanctuary city.'

    That means the authorities do not report criminal illegal aliens to the feds unless it's a drastic situation.

    Amazingly, the clueless mayor of Virginia Beach, Meyera Oberndorf doesn't seem to know that Police Chief Alfred Jaycox is not informing the feds about illegal crimials.

    We were called, i believe, a sanctuary city and i had not heard that before.

    And i can promise you neither i nor any member of the council has ever adopted any legislation to make this a

    But what we have done, is, we years ago set up a human rights commission so that all people will be given the opportunity to be heard, to be responded to, as we would any citizen.

    Ridiculous. Along with Mayor Oberndorf, Judge Colon Whitehurst is also a villain.

    Even after a DUI conviction, he would not sentence Ramos to jail the second time around, putting him right back out on the street, where he is able to kill the two girls.

    And the governor of Virginia, Timothy Kaine, he doesn't seem to care much about policing illegal aliens.

    Now, last night, the father and sister of Allison Kunhardt had the courage to speak with us just hours after Allison's funeral.

    2008-07-18 08:48:20 補充: was full of was very sweet, she's very innocent.

    2008-07-18 08:48:40 補充:

    We tried to reason why anything like this would ever happen to you- your daughter because of start to think about what is wrong with our system.

    2008-07-18 08:49:01 補充:

    And it- it's not one thing, it- it's several things, it has to do laws not correctly or..err..they're too slack.

    2008-07-18 08:49:26 補充:

    Alright, Talking Points says enough is enough!

    President Bush should warn all the sanctuary cities, which we have listed on, that if they continue to disobey federal law, their law enforcement federal grants will be cut off.

    That should happen today, Mr President.

    2008-07-18 08:50:21 補充:

    Secondly, the good people of Virginial Beach should immediately begin a recall process for Mayor Oberndorf.

    It is obvious she doesn't know what is going on.

    And by the way, the Mayor has refused to come on the factor and has been called a number of times, despite her saying the opposite.

    2008-07-18 08:50:42 補充:

    She was called, we can prove it.

    And the bottom line on this, is that all Americans have a right to protection from irresponsible people.

    The founders created government to provide that protection.

    But our governments generally have bowed to political correctness and are failing to protect us.

    2008-07-18 08:50:58 補充:

    We are going to make Virginia Beach the flashpoint in stopping the immigration madness.

    We hope stu-media people like Keri Dardy of the pilot down there will help us out.

    No more sanctuary cities. Period.

    That's the Memo.

    2008-07-18 08:51:12 補充:

    Now, for the top story of tonight, another view on the failing, unbalanced network, Fox News correspondance Geraldo Riveras, seen weekends at 8 p.m. eastern.

    Thank goodness.

    2008-07-18 08:51:22 補充: cities..what do you think?

    I think you have the story almost exactly wrong, my friend.

    I- I think we're talking about drunk driving.

    2008-07-18 08:51:31 補充:

    And you know, there were 347 drunk-driving fatalities in the Commonwealth of Virginia, in the year 2005.

    I think this may be the first drunk-driving story we have done from Virginia.

    And the only reason it's news on the factor is beacuse the driver was an illegal alien.

    2008-07-18 09:02:15 補充:









    希望 你看 FOX NEWS 只是看有趣與學英語的



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    一般Native Speakers的說話速度在150至200字之間

    4 分鐘就是600-800字

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