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急急急 贈15點 請幫我解答管理學的題目

1.哪一位學者曾針對管理(management)作如下的描述:"the art of getting things done through people?"

(a) Follett, (b) Iacocca, (c) Drucker; (d) Mintzberg, (e) Taylo


(a) planning, (b) sourcing,(c) organizing, (d) leading, (e) controlling


a. Getting things done through people and other resources and providing direction and leadership.

b. Defining goals for future organizational performance and deciding on the tasks and use of resourcesneeded to attain them.

c. The use of influence to motivate employees to achieve organizational goals.

d. The assignment of tasks, the grouping of tasks into departments, and the allocation of resources todepartments.

e. Monitoring employees' activities, determining whether the organization is on target toward its goals

4."The degree to which the organization achieves a stated goal." 是指? (a) efficiency, (b) effectiveness, (c)organizing, (d) leading, (e) planning


(a) skill managers, (b)non-n~anagers(personnel), (c) first-line managers, (d) middle managers, (e) top managers


(a) conceptual, decisional, andtechnical, (b) international, human, and technical, (c) conceptual, human, and infolmational, (d) conceptual,human, and technical, (e) decisional, human, and technical


(a) Frederick W. Taylor, (b) Lillian M. Gilbreth, (c)Max Weber, (d) Mary P. Follett, (e) Robert L. Katz


(a)管理典範的轉移, (b)混沌理論, (c)組織員工的多元化, (d)共生和解, (e)全球化


(a) conceptual, decisional, and technical, (b) informational.interpersonal. andtechnical, (c) conceptual, interpersonal, and informational, (d)conceptual, interpersonal.and technical, (e) informational, interpersonal, and decisional


(a) Frederick U7.T aylor, (b) Henr~F ayol,(c) Max Weber, (d) Henry Mint~berg(,e ) Hawthorne

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