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我明年要去州立華盛頓大學讀書,想問一下,如果想要接機要怎麼升請,還有他們有台灣同學會嗎?我找不到耶 謝謝喔^^


我有好多問題要問喔~~可以給我你的msn或及時通嗎 謝謝喔

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    Transportation to campus from the airport

    Shuttle Express is a van service from the airport to your destination. After collecting your luggage, follow signs to "Ground Transportation" on the 3rd floor of the parking garage. Proceed to the Shuttle Express booth. Expect to pay $30 plus a 15% gratuity per person.

    Taxi service is available 24 hours per day. To the University, expect to pay $40 plus a 15% gratuity.

    If you don't have much luggage, public bus service from the airport with connections to the University is available during business hours at low cost. Inquire at the transportation information desk on the 3rd floor of the parking garage.


    華盛頓台灣海外同學會(Taiwanese Oversea Student Association): http://students.washington.edu/tosa/

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    學校沒有替人預約的,自己約喔 =)~

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    我看妳跟台灣同學會問問先,有沒有愛心專車。 =P~ 當然還是要付一些錢,不過有個講中文的,比較安心些。(now is summer, maybe no one in there =P~)

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    Are you talking to me? ?_? 我沒在用 MSN... 只有 skype...

    還有妳的 E-mail 沒開... 不能聯絡 =P~

    E-mail your skype... if you have..



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    華盛頓大學 = University of Washington(UW)

    州立華盛頓大學 = Washington State University(WSU)



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