What are your analytical outlooks on AXP for the short and long term?

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  • Dom
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    1 decade ago
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    Well, I like to look at Morningstar.com's free cash flows for the past 10 years but it doesn't list them for financial companies.

    So I look at income and they are making a lot of money and it is increasing.


    They have an awesome ROE of 34%, consistently pay and increase dividends, and they are routinely bought by the billionaire investors. If these rich guys like them then that looks good to me.


    SO long term I think they are great. The economy will recover.

    There is one reason why I myself am not buying into them. Some of our clients at work are close to going into foreclosure so what they did to save cash to make house payments was run up the credit card. So I am making a guess that the next crisis will be that people won't be able to pay off their debt.

    I also like banks a lot more.

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