hi, i have enlisted to the navy as a abh. i heard the job is tough what can i expect from it &can i move ranks

i heard that some job in the navy are deadend and you cant move up and there are no cilivian jobs for it after the navy.i am excited about the navy and i feel like it a great life choice but i dont want to jump into a dead end road!


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    an ABH works on the flight deck. while the boat is inport there is really no work for you to do so u will more than likely be home by lunch time. out to sea is where u really work. u will be on the flight deck working. everything from tying the airplanes down to making sure they move to their correct spot on the flight deck and ensuring they are ready for take off. it is very strenuous work. it will be hot on the flight deck so u will be dirty and smelly and u will work long hours. usually bout 18 a day while out to sea. as far as advancement goes for an ABH...its kinda hard for some people to advance. i know a few E-3's who have been in for 4 years and have to get out because they can not advance. and then there are others who are E-5's after only 2 years. just be sure to study and go into a field that u will enjoy doing. im not sure about the jobs outside of the navy for an ABH but i guess that all depends on what you want to do when u get out.

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    It's an aviation's boatswain's mate. Not a glamorous job... as a young Sailor, you'll be filthy and sweaty most of the time. You'll work on the flight deck of ships, chocking and chaining helos and jets, making sure flight ops goes well. But it's one that you can do well in, and go through the ranks quickly if you choose to do so.

    Good luck, even though you're now "airdale scum"! (j/k)

    Source(s): 22+ year Navy vet, retiring next month.
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