Why do Apologetics seem to talk in circles?

When it comes to "proving" their faith? Why do most of them seem to just be talking in circles. They have evidence for their faith yes maybe, but there's evidence for many other faiths out there. They have "this proof" and "that proof", and while I do believe in God I truly don't believe there's only "one path" unless that means being the best person you can be. I'm not so much as to being "convinced" or "not convined", I don't even care what others believe. But to me honestly it seems like apologetics talk in circles.


The Bible was written by humans (whom are NOT perfect) who claimed to be inspired by God YEARS after Jesus' death. And most of the OT refers to health and disease at the time, but the NT was written years after Jesus died with many of Paul's thoughts.

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    You mean like this:

    How do you know the bible is right? Because God said so.

    How do you know God is right? Because the bible says so.

  • eiere
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    1 decade ago

    because in the end it comes down to faith. What they say only makes sense if you accept the teachings of the faith, so they have to keep referring to itself.

    They start from the supposition that their faith IS the answer, and since that is the foundation, everything else depends on it.

    Like there being a creator, a guy has been telling my I'm unreasonable to believe the Universe didn't need a creator, but he's not unreasonable for believing his god doesn't need one. HUH? Because, he says it's clear the Universe did need a creator. When I ask "how is that clear"...he has no answer but to repeat "everyone knows the Universe is a created thing"...

    oh well. He can only conceive of things from his point of view, he can't even conceive that there are other ways of seeing things, so all his arguments go back to his god, because that is all his mind has to work with.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    So you claim to believe in God, but you deny that God's Holy Spirit can fill and inspire men to write the truth, as God tells them to, is that about right? How can you believe in, and deny the power of God, at the same time?

    I guess it is really true that men can not understand the Bible without the divine guidance of God. People speak of the OT and the NT as being two different things. The entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, centers on Jesus Christ. If a person does not know this, then they do not read the Bible with Spiritual understanding. It is that Spiritual understanding, given by Christ, that brings God's word to life. If the Bible is not words of life to you, then you have no understanding of it.

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    LOL...I understand other religions than I do the many terms used to explain the belief in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit... and I'm a saved, reborn Spirit filled tongue speaking Bible believing Believer/child of God/bride of Christ/Christian/etc.,.

    LOL I personally was mainly self taught with only God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit instructing and teaching and rarely have ever gone to a church, and I really don't know all the terms people have created for those whom are supposedly "Christians".....so, I guess I should add I am something like a redkneck saved reborn Spirit filled tongue speaking Bible Believing Believer/child of God/bride of Christ....etc?

    Forgive me, but how many titles must a Believer have anyway? (lol...ummm...is that "apologetic" enough for ya?)

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    Yahoo! Answers REALLY needs to put a word limit on answers, to keep people like BOBERT from spamming the entire page with 2000 word pre-written doctrines no one is interested in!

    Here's a hint, BOB and others like you...

    if you can't express yourself in YOUR OWN WORDS, in a reasonable amount of sentences...then you probably haven't a clue what you are talking about in fhe first place!

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    Clearly, St. Paul was evil. ^^

    I mean, if it was really holy, you wouldn't need a group of people running around defending the source. It would be either automatically obvious or at the very least generally acceptable.

  • Kerry
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    1 decade ago

    Why does having a point of view require that you "apologize" for it? You have point of view. Its your point of view. You have the right to have a point of view.

    Why do those who have contrary opinions created a category to "explain away" someones faith?

  • 1 decade ago

    Maybe you do not accept their highest maximes. Can God ensure protection of the Word, before individuals ?

  • 1 decade ago

    May Zeus have mercy on their blasphemous souls.

  • 1 decade ago

    I believe what you meant is....That apologetics likes to use circular logic.

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