Who will be better this year and than in the future? Florida Gators or the LSU Tigers?

SEC Football baby!

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    LSU. I think Tebow is an outstanding talent but he won't be there after this year. Without him last year's game wouldn't have been close and they would've lost two years ago. I know Tebow only came in situationally in that game but he won that game with 2 plays. LSU has won national championships with Matt Mauk and Matt Flynn at QB. Most people outside of Baton Rouge will never hear those names again .

    LSU's cupboard is full and they restock every year. The state's loaded with talent and we keep bringing in top out-of-state talent. Four of the top 20 kids from Texas have already committed to LSU for next season.

    SEC football is king though. That can't be argued. Even the national media have come around even though I suspect USC or OSU will start off preseason #1 for no good reason.

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    hopefully Florida , but both schools have great talent and do well recruiting every year so both look good for the future as well , and in the SEC their is alot of teams that are in the hunt every year like Tennessee , Georgia,Auburn,Alabama,South Carolina,and of course Florida and LSU so every year look for these teams to beat up on each other and be in bowl games. GO GATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Next year, Florida, in the future, I am leaning toward Florida. LSU and Florida both get top notch talent, but I think Urban Meyer is a better coach.

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    LSU Tigers Baby.

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    both schools have a pretty favorable schedule...I really only see TN, Florida, Georgia...and perhaps Auburn being the only schools putting up a fight agaisnt each other for the title

    so I guess I answered your question...Florida...I think LSUs luck has run out for the next few years...with no QB that has experience playing this year

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    Hopefully LSU, but as long as the other SEC teams make it to the Championship game and win as an SEC representative, then that's good.

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    LSU is looking to be in a heap of trouble this year, their lineup is in shambles from graduations and discipline problems. May be a big rebuilding season for them.

    Gators will find a way to win as usual under Tebow, no chance for a national title in my opinion, but a 2 loss season is not out of question.

    Georgia is the team to beat in the SEC, also watch out for Tennessee and the other usual suspects. SEC football is fun and competitive to watch year after year, this year should be no different.

  • 1 decade ago

    Florida and Tebow.

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