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What exactly does it mean to "pay lip service" to something?


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    the literal meaning is to say that you do something or believe in something, but then your actions in life clearly show that you do not... basically, it means being a hypocrite...

    ...the alternative meaning to this is far more pleasant to think about...

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    When you say something but don't really mean it or follow thru with a required action.

    Like if I were to pledge $20 to a charity but then never actually send the money.

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    To pay lip service to something: An avowal of advocacy, adherence, or allegiance expressed in words but not backed by deeds.

    Stated somewhat differently, when people pay lip service to something, they express their respect for, but they do not act on their words, so the respect is hollow and empty.

  • dawnee
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    paying lip service means to talk about something rather than acting on it. If you pay lip service to social equality you spend a lot of time discussing it over dinner with friends but no time in a soup kitchen.

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    It means that you say you agree with it, but you don't actually do it. Like driving while impaired. People say they don't approve of it - but they continue to drink and drive. That's giving lip service, or paying lip service.

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    Telling someone what they want to hear instead of the cold hard facts of life.

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    It all depends how much they are paying and you are willing to give lip too. Love honey

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    To just say something but not actually do it. To pretend that you believe a certain thing but not practice that belief.

    telling someone what they want to hear.

    to say that you agree with and support an idea or plan but not do anything to help it to succeed

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    non-sexual meaning is that you are just saying something, but not backing it up with action. Empty words or promises.

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