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Where have all the infamous JJ Yeley fans gone?

I actually kind of miss them. Although the questions were getting quite annoying because most were the same, it still was hilarious in it's own way. I think more than anything they have created JJ Yeley haters, because now I can't stand the dude.

Which brings me to my question..

Who will JJ Yeley drive for next season?

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    I wish he would be out of a ride, but he will drive the 96 again next year. Im glad he is out of the top 35, i love to see him fail.

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    We will have more ridiculous people asking stupid questions about just one driver soon. We can enjoy our break. We got rid of the environmentalists for the time being and the JJ Yelley fan (though he was kind of funny sometimes) JJ Yeley is the reincarnation of Earnahrt, JJ Yelly for President. Man that was pathetically funny.

    Honestly, I do not think we established where he will go next year. I wonder too. DEI?

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    I was thinking about that just a couple of hours ago. I have not seen the yeley fan for a while. By the way, they're all probably just one person with 5 different acounts. But I haven't heard from him for a while.

    And JJ will be lucky to have a ride in the Nationwide Series no way he remains in Cup for the next year.

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    I haven't see it, them, he, she since JJ was busted for cheating.

    "It's" questions were too bad really, because I thought JJ did a very nice job the weekend he took over for Tony. I did not dislike the guy, but the questions sure made me want too.

    I really don't see JJ Yeley driving for anybody next year.

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    all the JJ Yeley fans are in mental rehab, otherwise known as The Funny Farm

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    JJ will be a school bus driver next year.

    They realized we were all right about JJ and they packed it in and moved on. Thank Goodness!!

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    Congrats, now you are one of those annoying people asking JJ questions. Bravo!

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    If you truly miss her/him/it try checking the Football forum. When the JJ fan is not in here talking him up she is usually talking up Tony Romo, the bestest quarterback ever! Apparently he is of Mexican descent. I don't see him driving in the cup series for anyone next year.

    3 STR8 N 08!!!

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    The "Mexican American" girl will eventually come back, she was on here in January and February, disappeared for a while and came back, so give her a couple months, she'll probably return, the other(s) idk....

    I don't really miss them, but I miss Godsmack's answers to their questions, lol..Godsmack cracks me up!!

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    I have not seen "Mexican American" (I think that was her name) on here since JJ did not qualify a few weeks ago.

    That was the same race that he filled in for Tony Stewart and finished 20th

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