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WWE never good enough?

Anyone else notice that no matter what WWE does people seem to complain about something else. The entire rosters/storylines/brands have changed since the draft. Surprisingly CM Punk came in to ironically take Edge's title. Cena is starting a stable with Crime time. Kofi Kingston is intercontinental champ. Jericho finally went heel. Kane is back to his psycho ways. Cody Rhodes betrayed Hardcore to team with Debiase. List goes on and on of things that have changed recently. Seems our wrestling appetite is never satisfied. Wrestling may not be as good as the past, but it sure in hell is a lot better now then it was like a month ago.

WQ: What else can WWE do to make the fans happy?

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    Yeah, I agree. Although this weeks Raw was great, because at first it really dragged me In. But normally Its just thing after thing, like It is set up, and camera cut after camera cut, It gets a bit predictable. CM Punk is not a good enough champion, people (to be very honest) like Jamie Noble should get a shot at a championship. They need to put ALL The superstars in more hyped matches, because when you think about Jamie Noble being a champion, well no-one would care, and if he was in a title match when he was champ, then the crowd wouldnt be very pumped. The crowd makes a match what It is. The only reason Cena is over-used is because If he was under-used and not seen alot, then even If he came back, his hype would just be BIGGER than it is. Y2J Is a good heel, I absoloutly hated him as Face...I dislike HBK...But Kofi Is a good champion but considering who has held the Intercontinental championship before him, does he really deserve it? I meen he had a match against Paul Burchill - Not exactly one of the BIGGEST Superstars In WWE, So they need to give the title to like Randy Orton or someone, but Kofi Is one of the best natural athletes I have seen. His movements are so precise and natural, like he does not need to try to make them great, they just are. He makes matches exciting. Rey Mysterio is being under-used, which I find wierd because on Smackdown he was being overused. He doesnt need a match against Santino on his debut - he got beat by Beth Phoenix (who I love now! hope she turns face. Melina should be heel though) so Rey should of been against Batista or someone better, to make a name for himself. Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase are great - only because they are young, and like they said, they have a long time ahead of them to get better, but the storyline that they are In is dreadful. WWE Is defently so much better than when the Million Dollar stinking Mania was on air...That nearly made me wanna quit watching it...nearly...I was like Why the hell do I care that people are winning money because your bribing everyone to watch Raw? There ratings dropped, unshockingly, because I hated seeing the damn thing every 3 seconds seriously I was just saying to myself...If I see that Vince McMahon hes a deadman! But although this wasnt the plan, they decided that because the ratings dropped that Vince was gonna get hurt, so that was a way to get the Mania away - I nearly fainted In relief, litterally! Kane is great Heel, defently a good turn In my books. I was seriously waiting for him to go phsycho again, Im not joking, the week before that happened I was saying...Oh look, here comes Kane The Big Friendly Giant! But yeah, defently a good choice on that which is rare from the WWE lately! Now, Mark Henry Is with this wierd man called Tony Atlas...stupid stupid move. We dont want more rubbish superstars, we just want the storylines to get damn better! Also, Cryme Tyme deserve the boost In popularity. They should run for Tag Team titles.

    Basically, all WWE has to do to make us happy Is to listen to what we want, not what they think is right for us. Can you remember when the legends of today where not known as legends but as normal superstars. Imagine If today we knew the Rock as a normal wrestler, and Mick Foley, Steve Austin, Chyna, and more...Dont you think that would be amazing? But all the WWE has to do Is fire Michael Hayes for good, get some interesting storylines, not ones that we heard 3 years ago. But, I find it funny how they can make Okay storylines In Career mode In the WWE Game Series, especially 2007, but not in real life...It amazes me! WWE Should be considered as one of the best shows of today, but even by fans its seen as a repetetive thing. Have you seen the WWE Facts that come one like half way through the show after the advert/commercial? Its just annoying...!

    This was fun to write, because I have a big passion for WWE. I practically eat, sleep and drink WWE, I never stop thinking about It. I hope you like my review on the present WWE. Thankyou, Angel Moreno :D

    Source(s): WWE Fan, love WWE, It is my life. This tooke me about 20 minutes to write and to think of it!
  • The last month or 2 has been the best WWE I've watched in a long, long time. People are always going to complain about something. People always want a different champion, a different match type, a different storyline etc...

    I don't get it, why complain and watch, when there's so many other promotions these whining idiots could watch? You have TNA, ROH, Japanese wrestling etc...People should watch those if WWE doesn't satisfy them.

    WQ: Nothing. They've already switched stars over to different brands, put new champions in place, brought in new talent like Evan Bourne, put on some good feuds like Y2J and HBK...what more could they do? People need to get a grip or get another promotion to watch.

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    There are a lot of things you can keep and change to make fans happy. The reason why not everyone is happy is because, everyone has a different perspective and their own point of view.Like for example, some people like John Cena and some people don't because everyone has their own like and dislikes.I can easily admit that the WWE will never make all their fans happy. No matter what they do, out of the millions of fans there are, I would bet my *** that there is at least one person unhappy about the decision.

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    When things like this happen, the people that like Cena are happy because Cryme Tyme's cool. But the people that don't like Cena are annoyed because they think Cryme Tyme is too cool for Cena.

    Y2J fans aren't exactley happy that Kofi 'cheated' him out of the title.

    CM Punk according to some people isn't good enough to be champ!

    Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, i can't say anything about them because they piss me off.

    Kane being psycho again. I think most people are happy about that..

    WQ: Nothing can be done, someone will aalways complain!

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    You can't please all of the people all of the time, especially on the internet. I think Raw is definitely in the best shape it's been in for a decade now.

    There isn't much that the WWE could do to make everyone happy. If you're asking what would make INTERNET fans happy, probably if they went ahead and squashed Cena to CM Punk. This is why internet fans are internet fans and not owners of a multinational conglomorate like the WWE, because smart fans make dumb bookers.

    Source(s): I'm Not Telling You Anything You Didn't Already Know.
  • 4 years ago

    Sure its not like last time but things change so just get over it and enjoy the product for what it is. Have the fans ever thought that maybe the reason why they change the direction is for the safety of their wrestlers? Are they thinking that getting hit with steal chairs, jumping off the ladders and titantron, getting burn in the face and getting dropped on thumbtacks doesn't injure them badly? And in the end, what do they get? Just loud cheers and 'THIS IS AWESOME' chants for the fans but when the wrestler gets sent to the hospital for treatment, how many of the fans have helped pay for the wrestler's treatment? Thats right maybe close to none of us at all and still these wrestlers continue to put their bodies on the line and bruise themselves up badly all for the sake of the fans. Show them some respect for for having the guts to get into the ring and take a beating for a change

  • WWE will never make every fan happy because everybody likes someone different. And besides, there's a good amount of complainer fans who never look on the good side of anything, they simply always try to find something wrong about the product and complain about it instead of celebrating what they're doing right.

    The WWE could give each and every fan one million dollars, and you'll still get a fan who asks "why couldn't they have given me two million?"

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    The thing that people have to understand is, that the WWE was great. They have exhausted EVERY storyline, EVERY wrestling match routine, and EVERY star. They've done it all and now they just have nowhere to go.

    It's not their fault, but the WWE is now washed up and tired.

    Thats why I watch TNA, because its up and coming and it has a long future ahead.

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    As the old saying goes,you can't please all the people all the time.Even if Vince did take storyline suggestions from fans,some fans aren't gonna liked other people's ideas,so they still be unhappy.Vince does what he thinks is entertaining,but he can't please everybody.I think some of these people need to stop bitching and be thankful we still have wwe to watch...The storylines are getting better,much better than a few months ago..

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    yeah i agree with you, they can do something amazing and ppl wil lfind something to complain about, most of the complainers are new WWE fans anyway, that dont know nothing about wrestling other than Cena and Batista. half of them probolly didnt know that D'von Dudley brought Batista into the WWE as his body gaurd in 2002 on SD

    WQ- nothing, i think they are doing better than before with what they got going on now and the ratings dont lie

    answer this:http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=200807...

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