Were any LDS/Mormon missionaries sent to Arabic speaking countries in 1981?

I am trying to figure out if there were any missionaries who went on missions that would require them to speak Arabic, in 1981. I know the mission in Iran was unfortunatley curtailed in 1978 because of the war there, but I assume they would have learned Persian, anyway. I read that there were people on the Swiss Mission in Lebanon, but they too were evacuated due to war in the late seventies. I read that there has been a branch of the Church in Egypt since 1975...does that branch receive aid from missionary service?

Maybe, too, people learned Arabic to serve in other African nations? I am unfamiliar with which nations speak Arabic, though I would imagine people throughout North Africa do here and there...but are there missions that taught in Arabic there?

I appreciate any guidance I can get!

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    Here is a little bit of information for you. It is taken from "Into the Desert: An Arab View of the Book of Mormon" by Ehab Abunuwara, Provo, Utah: Maxwell Institute, 2002. Pp. 60–65

    "The Middle East remains one of the few areas in the world where the reach of missionary work continues to be very confined. Currently, small Arabic-speaking branches exist in Lebanon and Jordan. On the other hand, a large number of people of Arab origin have joined the church outside the Middle East; so even though it would be hard to speak of an Arab LDS culture in the Middle East, members of Arab or Middle Eastern origins2 can provide insights into understanding and reading the Book of Mormon from a Middle Eastern point of view."


    "Months later I began attending the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. My name and address on the referral card had been forwarded to a missionary couple who represented the church in Israel. On a Friday morning in December 1981, I met with them and received a copy of an Arabic translation of selections from the Book of Mormon."

    So, in 1981 there were missionaries in Israel who were handing out Arabic translations of portions of the Book of Mormon. I don't know if they actually spoke the language.

    Additional Information:

    An interesting article on the history is "The Missionary Works of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Middle East" by Ilhan YILDIZ* http://cas.uchicago.edu/workshops/mehat/past_confe...

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    A fundamental difficulty for all Christian missions who wish to proselyte in Arab countries is that most if not all have laws against anyone proselyting anyone.

    Arabic is spoken in most of the countries in North Africa, although French figures largely too, due to French colonization, which is why so many countries speak English.

    I am not aware of any Arabic speaking missions in the LDS Church, but the missionary department in SLC could answer that best for you.

    Here are some contact details that will help you connect with the Missionary Department, or else the Public Affairs Office, each of which should have the information you are seeking.


    50 E. North Temple

    Salt Lake City, Utah


    Phone number: 1-801-240-2190


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    Good answer Mrs Dave...

    I do not know the specifics you're looking for - I would recommend you check lds.org - and see if you can do some research. There are some info/history on the Church in certain areas/countries of the world - and you could then correlate that info to see which countries speak which languages.

    A quick check of lds.org shows that General Conference is translated into Arabic & Farsi-Persian. the list I found is here:http://lds.org/conference/languages/0,6353,310-1,0...

    Edit: Doc's answer prodded my memory a bit - it's not history, but current. I spoke last year with a Brother who had just returned from the Middle East. He stated that the middle east from Jordan into some of the former soviet satellites is now part of a stake. There are branches scattered throughout the area [in great part because of the LDS servicemen & women stationed there]. The Church has a strict policy about NOT proscelyting Muslims; however, once someone leaves Islam and is baptized into christianity, the stake missionaries are able to go in and teach the discussions. Also, because of the presence of LDS Servicemen - the priesthood of God has been present in the land in great number for the 1st time since the days of Abraham.

    Now, for more fun - look at the history of growth of the church in areas after LDS servicemen have been present [ie Korea & Vietnam] - it seems to be a starting point/springboard for the gospel to gain a foothold & see great growth.

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    I don't know the answer to that. I know that the LDS church respects the laws of the land and if does not send missionaries against the will of the government. I also have known people who were sent to missions and then reassigned because the country they were originally assigned to was suddenly war torn and the church felt it was unsafe for them to stay. They take missionary safety very seriously.

    There are also missions that are strictly humanitarian missions where they don't proselyte- these missions are in areas where they don't allow religious freedom, but will allow people to come in and offer humanitarian aid. The church respects the laws and the wishes of the government in these areas.

    I briefly looked on LDS.org for this information- and I was unable to find it. I did see a link to different country sites. I was trying to see if there was somewhere that lists the missions of the world.

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    In 1981 Lebanon would still have had a strong Christian element, although most of them have since been murdered or driven into exile by the Muslims. That, of course, would be a very different thing than sending Missionaries into a Muslim-controlled country.

    Peace, Allan

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    Muslims live in other countries, even africa and India and other countries the LDS church can reach, I am not sure what that Muslim in a differnt country would speak, but most Muslims in nonmiddle easternm countries can stil be reached if they want to hear the LDS gospel.

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    It sounds like you need more specialized information than that which can be found here. You might try talking to the online missionaries at http://www.mormon.org, and see if they can point you in the right direction.

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    go to mission.net and you can search through the various missions of the church past and present.

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    I have no clue, but I'll star your question so my contacts will see it.

    Good luck.

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