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Why do all the racists assume blacks can't pay their way?

and need handouts from the government or to be "democrats" do any of you realize that there are many prominent black Republicans who are educated and don't want a handout?

Many black Americans work, and vote Republican because we want less government and less taxation. We own a printing company, if Obama were elected we would be taxed out of business. Why is that so hard to understand? We have credit and pay our bills and mortgages. We do not ride the bus and need welfare. So Republican is the best party for us. We also believe that abortion hurts the black community the worst, so Obama is to us nothing but a white mans tool. Martin Luther King Jr, lived his entire life as a Republican and that is how his family many of which who spoke out against Obama still lives!

Find someone else to "lump" into needing Obama's handouts not all black Americans do!


I would rather be an "uncle tom" and know that no one supports my children but me and my husband, there are many of us in church we all have nice homes and cars, none of us need welfare, did it not make you think that NOT all blacks want to live off the system! SOME of us did attend school and also got educated, my sister is a nurse practioner and makes over 100,000 a year! She went to school and she doesnt want Obama's handout either! Come on how racist can you be to think just because I am black I am not successful and need Obama!

Update 2:

again you are making assumptions that all blacks vote with the party of the poor! WE do not, and we are not alone!

Update 3:

Down south cutie or whatever you wanna call yourself I am not sure what you call doing well? We make 6 figures and YES Obamas taxation will hurt our business! You keep your gubment cheese, I dont need it!

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    I agree, except the part about voting Republican.

    I'm African American and has and always will vote Democrat.

    I voted both times for Clinton, and Kerry. And I voted against Regan (the second time, I wasn't old enough when he ran the 1st time). I'm college educated and so are both of my parents. We've never been on welfare or any type of public assistance.

    I find it even more amusing that people think that Welfare or any type of public assistance was created for blacks! In reality, there are more whites than blacks receiving public assistance. But, obviously, that's not what the media shows us.

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    Ha, ha! Very funny!

    9 out of 10 black votes go to Obama...

    His skin color is the only reason that he enjoys more than a 90% lead over any other candidate amongst black voters!

    To pretend that this isn't true is merely more flatulence from CCCPNN and the media mongrels...

    Obama has no real plan other than Feed the Monster Federal waste machine and raise taxes on the "Rich" aka working White Americans.

    Perhaps not all beggars in the USA are black, but one must be very out of touch with reality to claim that almost all blacks don't receive social services and quota hires...

    Source(s): Google "slavery reparations" and see for yourself how wrong you are.
  • that is wrong, and it is free will to choose which party you want before Obama came to run for president most African Americans voted for Kerry and Gore. A lot has changed with republicans the are not fighting for the same thing the were fighting for the same thing that the were fighting when MLK jr. lived.

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    Black republican... Thats so funny.

    There are a lot of blacks who don't need handouts ma'am. Being a democrat is not just about being for abortion and needing a handout.

    People like you are sad.

    Your business is not doing that well if the taxes that Obama proposes will hurt it. Do some research lady.

    Edit: I don't need a government handout. I'm doing quite well myself.

    I think its funny that you want everyone to know that not all blacks are poor and that you vote republican. But you assume that I need government cheese because I vote democrat. You are truly sad.

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    Why does 80% of the black vote go towards democrats then? Yes there are some black republicans but they get called "Uncle Tom's" by the mainstream black community, just ask Clarence Thomas or Colin Powell.

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    Do you realise that there are many educated black Americans who don't want a handout and don't vote Republican?

    This is a very insulting question. I am not a troll so I don't report people unless they are pedos but this is a really nasty ill motivated question and you should do the decent thing and delete it yourself.

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    I don't feed into stereotypes. If people want to think that all African Americans are looking for hand outs, so be it. That's truly their own ignorance and loss.

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    Maybe it's because the taxpayers have been doing it for the last hundred years.

  • Elle
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    Here we go with the race card again.

    Think this through... do you REALLY want to make this about race???? There are more white voters than black voters. Do you REALLY want to go there?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    In the 1st place you shouldn't ASSUME anything.

    Just Vote McCain !!!

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