please help me with these questions quickly? english?

so I have a few questions i am stuck on and i need help with the answers.

1.Which one of the following sentances includes a prepositional phrase?

A)He came when I was away

B)Terry and Rowena met Craig at the mall

C)Lois treasured her time off

D)Because it was raining, Gladys stayed indoors

Dolly must clean up her room before she goes out.

2.In this sentance^, what word begins the subordinate clause





3.What is the correct adverb for the adjective ample?



C)More Ample

D)Most ample

4.In which sentance is the CAPITALIZED word a preposition?

A)Senator Young objected to the bill, BUT he didn't say why.

B)She skipped her breakfast, FOR it was getting late.

C)The constitution calls FOR equal rights for all.

D)It was a sunny day BUT Jane remained indoors.

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    Arrrgghhh! That's the feeling I get reading how many wrong answers people are giving you. Please allow me to give you the right answers, and I'll prove they're right, because I'll explain.

    1. B. The prepositional phrase is "at the mall". Other answers include dependent clauses, but no specifically prepositional phrases.

    2. C. The main clause is "Dolly must clean up her room". This is what the sentence is about. "before she goes out" depends on the main clause, so it is the dependent clause. The first word in the clause is "before," a preposition.

    3. B. Amply, just because I know it. But, if you don't believe me, check out

    4. C. The word "but" is a conjunction. Typically, the word "for" is a preposition, but in B it is being used as a synonym for "because," which is also a conjunction. In C, "for" is being used as a preposition.

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    B - Terry and Rowena met Craig *at the* mall

    C - (Dolly must clean up her room) (before she goes out.)

    B -

    C - The constitution calls *FOR* equal rights for all.

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    1. B at the mall

    2. C before

    3. b amply

    4.C for

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    1. D

    2. C

    3. B

    4. B?

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    not sure if i'm right but i would hazard a guess at





    i'm probably wrong though

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    1D 2C 3B 4C

    Hope that helps!

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