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International Text book question?

Hey guys,

I am from Australia and looking at purchasing some international text books for Engineering. Now on websites like they say it is the exact same as the US version with thinner paper, softcover and black and white printing. Now I can live with that!

But one slight problem, will the international editions have SI units or metric units? Do books in the US only come in metric units (and therefore 'cos the international edition is the "exact same" wouldnt that have metric units?)

Thanks for any help!

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    Some international editions have SI units and some have metric units. It depends on the text book you are looking for. Often times it will have several publications with the addition "SI units" either in the title or found on the first page. You can either send the seller a question and ask or look up the publishing company and see if there even are any versions with metric units. Basically, you should be careful.

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