Yellowstone National Park Must-sees?

Hi. We are going to visit Yellowstone national park next month. What animals can be seen in this season? We may spend 2 or 3 days there, what are the must-sees? Thank you for your suggestions.

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    my family and I just got back we were there for four day's and saw everything everything except a moose! Lot's of black bears, bison and elk 1 grizzly 2 eagles a wolf and a coyote. try and come in or go out the south entrance through the Grand Teton's it is actually prettier (In my opinion) than Yellowstone.

    The entire landscape of the park is aw-inspiring obviously you gotta see old-faithful (just don't eat there the cafeteria food was horrible!) the grand canyon of yellowstone and the upper and lower falls are amazing. Good Luck

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    Mammoth Hot Springs on the north end of the park is worth seeing as well. It's also a good place to see elk and maybe other wildlife. Also, make sure you walk to the Grand Prismatic Spring. I'd suggest driving the figure-8 road and stopping at most of the sights along it. There are lots of short (1/2-1 mile) trails that are boardwalked to hike. Yellowstone has a great variety of things to see, so check out a little of everything! Honestly, pretty much anywhere they have a sign or a trail is worth looking at-don't be in a hurry to get to something specific because the entire park is worthwhile. 3 days is a perfect amount of time to see the park, without getting too bored. If you want to hike in Yellowstone, my favorite place is on the trails around Old Faithful. You can easily make it as short or long as you want, and there are tons of gyesers around so it's hard not to see several erupt! If you do want some more scenery, you can drive down to Grand Teton National Park just south of Yellowstone for a day. It's only about an hour from Old Faithful, and the scenery is beautiful and it's less crowded! It doesn't have any of the geothermal features of Yellowstone, but there are several lakes and lots of great hikes that are short/medium length.

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    I just got back from there last month. Some must sees are (obviously Old Faithful, but it wasn't my favorite geyser) Yellowstone Inn., Yellowstone lake (hard to miss), and ALL of the falls (the falls are just amazing!), Mammoth Springs (when I was there, there wasn't any water flowing through them so they weren't as cool as the pictures), actually the whole Mammoth area at the North end of the park is cool, the Grand Prismatic Pool, and the West Thumb Geyser.

    My favorite geysers were the Beehive Geyser, and another one that started with an "a" (it was called anenomie, or something close to it)

    Most likely the three most common animals you will see are Bear, Bison, and Elk (And next month the Elk will have their antlers mostly grown out, and starting to get rid of their velvet) I never saw a Wolf, or Moose. Saw a few Coyotes, but only 3. I only saw 2 Bears but it still had about 8 feet of snow in some parts of the park.

    Also, don't be rude like other people are, and stop in the middle of the road to take pictures of animals (unless it's a Wolf or something you might not see a lot.) Definitely DO NOT stop for Bison, unless you're at a pull out or something. Because you'll see hundreds. (I saw AT LEAST 200 Bison, and AT LEAST 100 Elk, but only about 17 Elk were Bull Elk [the kind that have antlers])

    I highly recommend going through the town of West Yellowstone. That's a nice little town. I went in an Old Fashioned Candy shop that also made fudge, and... OH MY GOD! I don't like fudge but I liked theirs. (even if it might have been made with a mix) It has a lot of T-Shirt shops too.

    And over by the Yellowstone Inn. by the Old Faithful there is a fast food restaurant that I liked. I think it was called The Geyser Grill, it was really good. I recommend the Chili Fries, unless you don't like Chili.... or Fries, lol.

    And if you want to get Cell Phone reception drive along the lake and they are a few pullouts that have a few bars (I have AT&T)

    Anyway, I hoped this helped, it's really a nice place, but I don't like their road signs, it's easy to miss some roads. They also have cool stores (By the way every store is the same, lol. Just with different layouts maybe.)

    Source(s): Gladly been there!
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    I can not fit everything that needs to be said about Yellowstone on this post so I suggest you check out this website. It is full of great info and people who will answer any question you have. Have fun, its a great place!

    Also, 2-3 will not be enough time to see everything. You will probably get to see some of the bigger attractions, but when you return home, you will find yourself wanting to return!

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    I'm going there next month too and have heard that the waterfalls are great. I found a website with pictures and locations of some of them, which I've been looking at with great interest. It's this one:

    That page is for roadside waterfalls. But if you click on the "waterfalls" link on the left side of the page, it will also give you some waterfalls that you can hike to. Have fun :-).

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    just follow the road through the park and stop at every viewpoint and sigh, it's great.

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    a bear would be a must-see, but pray that you are a mile away when you spot one...

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