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The word 'clubbing'?

Does anyone know any definition of the word 'clubbing' (partying)?

Like where, when and who invented the word 'clubbing'? Is it only a word that has been used by the people in Hong Kong? Can anyone please help??

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    "Go clubbing" is a phrase commonly used in North America. Clubbers do drink, spend a lot of jumping around to music, and are associated with other recreational substances. If you go to disco, you are regarded as a clubber. If you go to bars, we call it "bar-hopping" because you just "watch the scene".


    noun (clubbings, -)

    (uncountable) The practice of frequenting nightclubs.

    We're going clubbing tonight.

    I don't like clubbing.

    (countable) An instances of using a club.

    There was an outbreak of near-fatal clubbings in that area.

    Source(s): ME + NET
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    跳吧 in China

    跳店 in Taiwan

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    "clubbing"this world isn't chinglish.

    You ca check this word in a dictionary

    it an new English to replace the classical word "disco"

    Actually their meaning are the same

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    i have some western freinds. they always say 'let's go clubbing'. that means not only people in Hong Kong say this word.

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