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I. Vocabulary and Structure 90%

1. ( ) We are very pleased because first of all we ____ our objectives.

(A) academic (B) ache (C) adjust (D) achieved

2. ( ) In Taiwan, the first ______ of a school year usually begins in


(A) example (B) rule (C)semester (D) system

3. ( ) Frank always thinks about too many things, so he cannot _____

in class.

(A) concentrate (B) imagine (C)preview (D) remember

4. ( ) Mr. Wang is a ______. He sells food and drinks outside the park every day.

(A) PE teacher (B) police officer (C) street vendor (D) taxi driver

5. ( ) In summer it is ______to stay in my parents’ room because it

is air-conditioned.

(A) comfortable (B) gentle (C)impossible (D) serious

6. ( ) The old man is looking at his granddaughter ______. He has not seen her for a long time.

(A) happy (B) happier (C) happily (D) the happiest

7. ( ) Fred has a ______for languages. He can speak Japanese, French and Russian.

(A) brand (B)joke (C)report (D) talent

8. ( ) Yuki loves wearing strange hats because she wants people to ___her.

(A) believe (B) control (C) notice (D) visit

9. ( ) Mr. Chen has a loud voice. His voice can ______ clearly even in that big classroom.

(A) hear (B) be heard (C) be hearing (D) have heard

10. ( ) Mother makes me ______ my homework everyday before I

can play video games.

(A) finish (B) finished (C)finishing (D) to finish

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    因為第一題的D選項的語意是最正確的,AB的選項因為是名詞不合語意及文法,只有C是動詞,如果第一題中有have: first of all we "have" achieved .....

    所以選C是合於文法但,與語意不太相容的答案!! D是語意正確,文法不正確的答案

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