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    The empirical results, they found that kinetic energy strategy portfolio performance, although most significant reward, but not higher than the market rate of return. From the different dimensions of view, first of all, price-weighted holdings, the results of various combinations strategy of universal access to a significant reward and secondly, because the day unchanged restrictions may not be short, making the model in the loser's strategy for the portfolio almost negative return, Many portfolio strategy leading to no significant results or a negative return, and without duplication strategy method, making a period of time screening the starting point of bias, the performance may have underestimated or overestimated the end, the company stock price reaction quarterly operating performance, There is indeed a quarter behind the phenomenon, namely that the Taiwan stock market in response to the financial information spread slowly.

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    reacts of the the Taiwan stock market the speed that financial information spreads is slow


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    實證結果,卻發現動能策略組合績效,大部分雖然有顯著正報酬,卻未能比市場報酬率高。 Dr.eye: Real example result, but find the tactics of kinetic energy makes the performance up, though the majority shows the positive remuneration, but to fail is higher than the rate of returns of market. 再從不同構面來看,首先,價格加權的持股方式,各種策略組合結果普遍獲得顯著正報酬;其次,由於平盤下不得放空限制,使得本模型中輸家的策略組合幾乎為負報酬率,導致許多策略組合結果不顯著或為負報酬;而策略無重疊方法,使得形成期篩選時間的起始點偏誤,整個績效可能產生低估或高估;最後,股價反應公司每季營運績效,的確有落後一季現象,即表示台灣股市中,反應財務資訊散佈的速度緩慢。 And then from constructing the face differently, at first, the way of holding share of the weighting of the price, various kinds of tactics make the result up generally and is shown the positive remuneration; Secondly, because flat record is it can't show empty to limit to leave, make copies of model tactics of loser make up nearly for rate of returns of shouldering, cause a lot of tactics apparent to make up result or in order to shoulder the remuneration; Strategy have method of overlapping, is it form issue screen starting point of time partial by mistake to make, the whole performance may be produced and underestimated or over-evaluated; Finally, the stock price reflects the operation performance of every season of company, really lag behind the phenomenon of one season, namely say that reacts of the the Taiwan stock market the speed that financial information spreads is slow.

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